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The exchange of 39 Palestinian prisoners with 13 Zionist prisoners in the second round of prisoner exchange / 4 Palestinians martyred in the Zionist attack on Jenin
Coinciding with the 51st day of Al-Aqsa storm and the third day of the four-day ceasefire in Gaza, the second round of prisoner exchange was delayed and early this morning due to Israel's violation, during which 39 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged with 13 Zionist prisoners in the second round of prisoner exchange.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: As we enter the third day of the four-day ceasefire between the Israeli regime and the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, the second round of prisoner exchange between Hamas and the Tel Aviv regime took place this Sunday morning, during which 39 prisoners were taken. Palestinians were released against 13 Zionist prisoners (3 to 1), six of whom were women and 33 of whom were children and teenagers.
This exchange of prisoners was accompanied by the Zionists' disruption of the entry of lorries carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, which was delayed but finally ended this morning due to the pressure of the resistance and the bargaining of mediating parties such as Qatar, which is said to have sent a delegation to Tel Aviv.
Hebrew media: Al-Sanuwar continues the psychological war against Israel
The Hebrew media emphasized the high capability of the resistance: (Yahya) Al-Sanwar (the commander of the Hamas movement) continues the psychological war that started on the 7th of October (Operation Storm Al-Aqsa) and is expected to continue it in the future stages as well. .
Martyrdom of 4 Palestinians in the Zionist attack on Jenin
Palestinian media reported that 4 people were martyred following the early morning attack of the Zionist forces on the Jenin camp.
"Al-Jazeera" network reported that the invaders fired a rocket launcher at a house in "Hay al-Hadaf" in Jenin city.
Based on this, Zionist bulldozers continue to destroy infrastructure and citizens' property at the entrance of Jenin camp.
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Tombs announced: "A military jeep of the occupiers, which is attacking the city of Jenin, was targeted with a powerful explosive device and casualties were incurred."
The "Shahab" news agency also wrote: "Since the beginning of the attack on the city of Jenin, the Zionists have surrounded Ibn Sina Hospital and the government hospital and are preventing the work of medical teams."
Security sources reported that the Zionist forces attacked the city of Jenin from several axes and, in addition to the two mentioned hospitals, also surrounded the headquarters of the Red Crescent Society and its snipers were deployed on the roofs of some buildings.
Welcoming Palestinian prisoners with slogans in support of Hamas
Palestinian youths in the city of al-Bireh, located in the north of the West Bank, greeted the Palestinian prisoners released from the prisons of the Israeli regime, which was carried out according to the recent ceasefire agreement, with the slogan "We want Kataib al-Qassam".
Al-Qassam trenches, the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), have struck unprecedented blows to the Israeli army inside the occupied territories and the Gaza Strip during recent operations.
Exchange of 39 Palestinian prisoners with 13 Zionist prisoners in the second round of prisoner exchange
On the second night of the prisoner exchange operation, Qassam troops, the military wing of Hamas, handed over 13 Zionist prisoners and 7 foreign nationals to the International Red Cross at the Rafah crossing.
During the exchange of prisoners early this Sunday morning, which was delayed and carried out early this morning due to Israeli sabotage, 39 Palestinian prisoners were released against 13 Zionist prisoners (3 to 1), six of them were women and 33 of them were children and teenagers. They were.
Qatar: We hope the ceasefire in Gaza will be extended
Majid Al-Ansari, the spokesman of Qatar's Foreign Ministry regarding the Gaza ceasefire, said: We hope that the speed and seriousness of the release of the prisoners and detainees in these two days and the four-day agreement will allow us to extend the ceasefire and for the remaining days. Let's get into more serious discussions.
US President Joe Biden had a telephone conversation with Qatar Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani last night, Saturday, November 25, and reviewed the latest developments in the occupied territories, especially the process of implementing the humanitarian ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip.
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