Publish dateThursday 30 November 2023 - 10:23
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Rescue of 41 Indian workers in a tunnel, after 17 days
41 workers who were trapped in a collapsed tunnel 17 days ago in Uttarakhand state in northern India have been rescued.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Rescuers on Tuesday, August 7, pulled out all 41 workers who were trapped inside a collapsed tunnel in the Himalayas for 17 days, after digging through rock, concrete and soil. And this matter caused rejoicing all over India.

According to reports, the transfer of these men began more than six hours after rescuers broke into the tunnel.

The tunnel collapsed in Uttarakhand on November 12.

The workers were pulled out through a 90 cm wide steel pipe and the whole process was completed in about an hour.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dehmi and Union Minister of Roads and Transport Nitin Gadkari were present at the event.

Uttar Pradesh's Chian Mines had teamed up with the army to hand-dig the final section of the tunnel that reached the trapped workers, which was completed in the final hours of Tuesday.

Workers were trapped under rubble on November 12 when a section of an under-construction tunnel (Silkiyara) collapsed in Uttarakhand.

It is said that during this time, these workers received food, water, lights, oxygen, and medicine through a tube, but the efforts to dig a tunnel that could be used to save them faced obstacles and problems due to technical problems in the drilling machines.

Despite government guidelines recommending emergency exits for tunnels longer than 1.5 km, there was no escape route.
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