Publish dateThursday 30 November 2023 - 10:35
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Head of Iran's National Immigration Organization:

Iran no longer has the capacity to accept immigrants!

Iran no longer has the capacity to accept immigrants!
The head of the National Migration Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran said in a speech at the meeting of the Council of the International Organization for Migration in Geneva: Iran does not have the capacity to accept new immigrants, and if the international community is not responsible for supporting refugees in Iran, most of them will migrate to European countries.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: According to IRNA, Abdullah Mobini on Tuesday, November 28, at the 114th meeting of the Council of the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, pointing to the lack of fair distribution of the burden of hosting refugees by the international community, emphasized: Iran has far It has contributed more than its share in hosting and supporting refugees, so the international community should pay attention to the fair distribution of this international responsibility.
He stated: Migration crises caused by various political factors, military and climatic interventions in the neighboring countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the shadow of the military interventions of extra-regional countries in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran has hosted several million refugees and displaced persons in the past four decades.
Mobini continued: Security and economic problems and restrictions such as banning male and female students from studying have been factors in the displacement of Afghan nationals and their migration to neighboring countries.
Referring to the issue of occupied Palestine as one of the main and old centers of migration and displacement in the world, the head of Iran's National Migration Organization emphasized: at the present time, it is the responsibility of the international community to prevent the killing of innocent people and fight against the roots of displacement and forced migration of Palestinian citizens.
Meanwhile, Iran's Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi told reporters before noon yesterday (Wednesday, November 29) on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting of the country's government: Nearly 400,000 illegal immigrants from Iran have returned to their countries so far. are given
He said that there are not enough preventive laws to prevent the return of deported illegal immigrants in Iran and this issue must be resolved.
Vahidi added: The caretaker government of Afghanistan should provide the conditions and environment inside the country so that the migrants can return to their homes. But he added that the Afghan government has asked for an opportunity to provide conditions for the return of migrants.
He said that according to statistics, the number of Afghan immigrants in Iran is about five million people.
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