Publish dateSaturday 2 December 2023 - 16:17
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More than 300 production and industrial units of immigrants have an effective presence in Qom/granting 37 long-term residences to foreign investors
The General Manager of Foreign Nationals and Immigrant Affairs of Qom province says that there are more than 300 economically active units of nationals and immigrants in this province/province who have been able to provide many job opportunities in Qom province/province by investing in the economic field.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Qom: According to the public relations report of the General Directorate of Foreign Nationals and Immigrants Affairs of Qom province, Ali Akbar Zarei, the General Director of Foreign Nationals and Immigrants Affairs in Qom, said in the meeting of the economic working group of immigrants, referring to the large presence of economic activists: In order to attract and participate more immigrants active in the field of economy, we must create the context of facilitating the granting of special residence for economic activists in Qom province.
He added: Currently, 37 economically active people from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan with a capital amounting to 727 billion Tomans have been granted long-term residence in Qom Province.
Zarei stated: Immigrant economic activists provide services in the field of livestock farming, shoe production, construction industry, granules and air conditioner related necessities.
Director General of Foreign Nationals and Immigrant Affairs of Qom province/province, referring to the policy of the 13th government of Iran in attracting and supporting investment, said: Economically active immigrants can refer to the Investment and Economic Department of the General Directorate of Foreign Nationals and Immigrant Affairs of Qom province/province. Create and file a special residence grant case and benefit from the legal benefits of investing in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Meanwhile, in line with the introduction of the capabilities of immigrants living in Qom province/province, the first international exhibition of achievements and capabilities of foreign immigrants of this province/province was opened on Saturday, December 2, of this year and was open to the visitors for three days.
In that exhibition, the achievements of foreign nationals and immigrants of Qom province were displayed so that, according to the officials, their economic, artistic, sports, media and cultural capacities will be more clearly defined for the society.
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