Publish dateMonday 4 December 2023 - 16:09
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Psychological damage to hundreds of Israeli soldiers after the "Al-Aqsa storm" operation
Zionist TV says that 2,000 Israeli soldiers have gone to psychiatric centers due to psychological injuries caused in the Gaza war.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to Fars International News Agency, data published in the Israeli media show that 2,000 soldiers of this regime have sought psychiatric help in the occupied territories since the start of the war.
Israel TV (Kan), today (Monday), reported about this about 2000 soldiers during the war since the 7th of October (the date of the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation) to receive psychiatric help, and 200 of them applied for this request in the first 3 weeks. Had presented
Kahn says that about 75 to 80 percent of these soldiers were registered as war wounded; But later they were able to return to their unit and continue their presence in the war front.
On October 7th, the Palestinian resistance forces penetrated the occupied Palestinian territories by land, air and sea in a surprise operation and were able to kill many Israeli soldiers and take dozens of people as prisoners of war to the Gaza Strip.
The report further states: "Battlefield wounded is defined as a soldier who has been exposed to an incident such as shooting, or [military] confrontation or injury, or who witnesses injuries or dangerous scenes, and this issue causes a decrease in the level of performance. He has become".
According to this report, this damage can be manifested at the level of performance in military reactions such as isolation, silence, worry, stress or a general feeling of difficulty that always bothers the soldier.
Since the beginning of the war in the occupied territories, the Israeli army has announced that it has lost 401 soldiers, more than 70 of whom were killed in the ground battle in the Gaza Strip.
The Palestinian and Lebanese resistance groups have emphasized in numerous statements and by publishing pictures of the moment Israeli soldiers were killed that the Israeli army does not announce the actual number of casualties and the information in this regard is published in a trickle./Fars news
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