Publish dateTuesday 5 December 2023 - 10:53
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North Korea: Any disruption of satellite activity means a declaration of war
North Korea's Ministry of Defense has announced that Pyongyang will consider any disturbance in space by destroying the visibility of its country's newly launched spy satellite as a declaration of war.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In this statement, it is stated: America in particular is trying to violate the legal sovereignty of the country with the authority of North Korea by illegally and unfairly arming it with the latest technologies. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea will take countermeasures to defend itself if its spy satellite's visibility is destroyed or affected.

In response to a question about whether Washington has the ability to disrupt North Korea's satellite operations, the spokesperson of the US Space Command stated that the United States denies and ignores the space capability of any enemy using various means.

Meanwhile, an international relations analyst from North Kuya said in a statement that if sending a satellite into space is considered a crime and a violation, the United States, as the largest satellite processor in the world, should be held accountable by the UN Security Council.

Last Tuesday, November 21, Pyongyang successfully launched its first spy and reconnaissance satellite into Earth orbit from the Suhai space base. North Korea described the spy satellite as a "new era of space power" for the country.

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said in a news conference that Washington believes a North Korean spy satellite has reached close to Earth's orbit.

Ryder clarified that he had no information on whether the satellite captured images of the White House or the Pentagon.

North Korea claimed that it was able to obtain images of the White House and some sensitive US military sites using its new spy satellite.

North Korea's official news agency also reported that images of four US Navy aircraft carriers and one British aircraft carrier were recorded in the images taken over Virginia.

A few days ago, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited the first recorded images of the "main target areas" taken by the country's new spy satellite.

According to Tasnim, according to this report, in the recorded images, images of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and other cities of the country where the US military bases are located can be seen.

According to this report, two days ago, the United States imposed new sanctions on North Korea following the launch of a satellite. Washington also accused foreign agents based in the country of facilitating the process of circumventing sanctions in order to collect information and technology for Pyongyang, as well as to display aircraft carriers capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

In addition, South Korea blacklisted 11 individuals and entities related to the launch of this satellite and the development of ballistic missiles and prohibited them from conducting any financial transactions.

North Korea has already made two unsuccessful attempts to launch its first reconnaissance satellite in May and August of this year. The previous launch operation of this reconnaissance satellite into Earth orbit on May 31 of this year failed due to a malfunction in the start of the engine of the second platform, and its remains fell into the sea.

Since 2006, North Korea has been under several UN sanctions due to its nuclear program and ballistic missiles. These sanctions include banning the development and expansion of ballistic missiles. This technology was used to launch Pyongyang's first spy satellite into Earth orbit last week and has been used to test dozens of ballistic missiles over the past 20 months. America has repeatedly warned that Pyongyang is ready to conduct its seventh nuclear test.

North Korea has repeatedly attempted to launch Earth observation satellites, two of which appear to have successfully entered orbit, the last being in 2016.
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