Publish dateFriday 8 December 2023 - 15:22
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The Prime Minister of Japan resigned from the leadership of the faction of the ruling party in the wake of the financial scandal
The Prime Minister of Japan, who was involved in a financial scandal, had to resign from his position as the leader of one of the factions of the ruling party of this country.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Keshida has said: I want to work hard and restore trust in the policies of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. For this reason, I decided to leave the "Kochiaki" faction during my prime ministership and the presidency of the Liberal Democratic Party.
Some figures of Japan's ruling party are accused of hiding the income from ticket sales in fundraising events for several years.
The Prime Minister of Japan resigned as the head of this party faction while following this financial scandal, Japan's opposition has demanded the resignation of the Cabinet Secretary and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
Kishida said in his comments in the Japanese parliament about this request: detailed and detailed answers may harm the investigation process. It is necessary to refrain from making such statements. The cabinet secretary has many duties and I want him to continue his duties.
According to Isna, previously five members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan were criticized for hiding the real statistics of the income from fundraising events. Following these events, Kishida asked the members of the party to refrain from holding any ceremony to collect funds for a while.
According to Japanese laws, if the funds donated by supporters to political parties exceed 200,000 yen ($1,300), the name of the donor must be registered; But as evidence shows, the Kochiaki faction has kept hundreds of millions of yen hidden for five years without mentioning the name of the donor.
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