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The countries of the world must accept the realities in Afghanistan
Following the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran that "Taliban is not ISIS and it is part of the reality of Afghanistan", international relations experts say that most of the countries in the region have accepted the reality that exists in Afghanistan, hence the good political relations with the Islamic Emirate. These experts also add that the Islamic Emirate has completed all the conditions for recognition and should be recognized by the world, especially the countries of the region.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Hossein Amir Abdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said in a meeting in Tehran that the Islamic Emirate is not ISIS, but is a part of today's reality in Afghanistan and is fighting against the ISIS group.

Abdullahian emphasized that the only solution in Afghanistan is to establish a comprehensive government and Tehran should work for more security and stability in Afghanistan.

The head of Iran's diplomatic system also added that Afghanistan can be on the path of stability and security when all ethnic groups have a role in the administration and governance of this country.

However, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, in response to the words of Iran's foreign minister, said that "the ruling system in Afghanistan is inclusive and all ethnic groups see themselves in the mirror of the government, and this process is moving toward completion, and friendly and neighboring countries and countries They should no longer interfere in our internal affairs."

Zabihullah Mujahid emphasized that security in Afghanistan is an important issue for the Islamic Emirate because providing security in Afghanistan helps the stability of the region and neighboring countries.

At the same time, Toryali Sarwari, an expert on international relations, said in a conversation with AVA: "Most of the countries in the region have accepted the reality that exists in Afghanistan, for this reason they have established good diplomatic relations with the Islamic Emirate and entrusted the representation of Afghanistan to the current government in the country." .

He added: The Islamic Emirate has completed four conditions, which are (population, government, sovereignty, and territory) to be recognized as a government, and on this basis, the countries of the world, especially the countries of the region, should recognize the government of Afghanistan.

This expert on international relations emphasized that the rest of the countries of the world also do not accept the realities that exist in Afghanistan and should establish relations with the Islamic Emirate, because the recognition of the Afghan government will prevent the humanitarian crisis and security in the world.

Sarwari pointed out that the representatives of the United Organization in Afghanistan ignore the facts that exist and do not properly report the positive works of the Islamic Emirate's Kurds in the official meetings of the United Nations.

At the same time, Ahmad Zaki Qureshi, a political expert, also said in a conversation with AVA that the countries of the world should have a real understanding of Afghanistan and recognize the Islamic Emirate as a government, because the members of the Islamic Emirate are a demand from the people and a reality. are objective

He had the means that there is no alternative to replace the Islamic Emirate in the current situation, based on this, some countries should not provoke the people to not cooperate with the government by starting their meetings about Afghanistan.

Mr. Qureshi clarified that the countries of the region should not make more excuses to interact with the Islamic Emirate and should recognize the existing government in Afghanistan, in order to fundamentally prevent the spread of terrorist groups and drug trafficking.

These statements are made while the British newspaper (Telegraph) also wrote in a report that the Islamic Emirate has implemented "the most successful fight against drugs in human history."

US President Joe Biden also said in a news conference a few days ago that al-Qaeda was destroyed by the forces of the Islamic Emirate and is no longer present in Afghanistan. He added that he would seek help from the Islamic Emirate to destroy this network.

It should be noted that more than two years have passed since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, but so far no country has recognized the Islamic Emirate. In order to recognize the Islamic Emirate, the United Nations wants to establish an inclusive government, provide work and education. For girls and women and freedom of speech.

But the Islamic Emirate has always said that their government is inclusive. The work and education of girls and women are related to internal issues that other countries should not interfere in.
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