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Zionist media: "Israel" has fallen into a trap in the north/ Gallant: We are ready for a possible agreement with Hezbollah
The media of the Zionist regime say that "Hizbollah's hand is still the upper hand in the north" and the settlers of the north will not return to the region "unless the reality changes." They intend to leave there permanently due to the lack of security." On the other hand, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime announced that this regime is ready for a possible agreement with Hezbollah.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Zionist regime media added: Metula, Shtula, Kiryat Shmona and other towns bordering Lebanon are subject to rocket fire within 24 hours. Hezbollah is near the borders and has increased its rocket fire and the attacks have become more precise and dangerous.

These media continued: Hezbollah has become a bigger threat because the alarm bells are not working in the north.

These media claimed: targeting civilian targets by Lebanese Hezbollah is in line with the equation of civilian versus civilian. Hizbollah's response to civilian targets in Metula took place after the killing of the official of one of the Lebanese villages in an attack by the occupying army.

In this regard, Hebrew sources claimed that a number of rockets were fired from southern Lebanon at several houses in the town of Al-Mutla (Metula) on the borders of Lebanon and the occupied territories. The mayor of al-Muttala town (Metula) said that three to five rockets were fired from southern Lebanon and, according to him, completely destroyed 15 houses.

According to ISNA, Tzvi Yahzagli, an analyst of Arab affairs on the Zionist TV channel 13, said: Lebanon's Hezbollah is in control in the north anyway, because Hezbollah decides whether to increase the pressure or not and it knows that Israel is restraining itself. The North seems to be strong in war. The roads are empty. Israel is trapped in the north.

Shlomi Aldar, the reporter of the 13th TV channel of the Zionist regime in the north, also said: What is happening in the north is an anti-armor missile war. Israelis stayed home in the Second Lebanon War thinking the Katyusha was a very threatening weapon, but today's anti-armor missiles are more threatening.

He said: The settlers of the north will never return to this area unless the reality changes. They always think that the government has ignored them.

Amos Yadlin, the former head of the military intelligence branch of the Zionist regime, said earlier: Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Lebanon's Hezbollah, is in charge of affairs in the north.

Lebanon's Hezbollah announced on Monday targeting Israeli soldiers and bases on the borders.

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance announced on Monday evening that in support of the resistant Palestinian nation in Gaza, it has targeted seven military bases of the Zionist regime in its various attacks.

Lebanon's Hezbollah also targeted the Zionist bases and soldiers' gatherings on Sunday, which led to casualties among the Zionist regime's forces.

In contrast, the Zionist army targeted areas in southern Lebanon.

In order to support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the Lebanese resistance continues its operations along the southern borders of this country with the occupied Palestine and targeting the bases of the enemy Zionist army, their gathering points and their armored vehicles.

With the continuation of the firefight between the Zionist regime and Lebanon's Hezbollah, the United Nations peacekeeping forces based in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) warned of the possibility of a wider conflict between Lebanon and the Zionist regime.

On the other hand, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime, stating that this regime has no intention of staying in Gaza, in a new stance towards Lebanon's Hezbollah, which is considered a clear retreat from the previous positions of this regime, said that Tel Aviv is ready for a possible agreement with Lebanon's Hezbollah, provided That any agreement includes a safe zone along the border and appropriate security guarantees.

Yoav Galant, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime, said about the security developments along the border of the occupied territories with Lebanon: Israel's actions in Gaza are of interest to Hezbollah. If Hizbollah allows the agreement process to take place, I won't go into the details of it now, but it is clear that it must include conditions in which there is a safe distance from us to forces that can fire on Israeli soil, or forces that can operate inside Israel. to exist If this is possible, with proper assurance, we can talk about it.

Gallant also stressed that the Israeli army has no intention of staying in the Gaza Strip permanently, saying: "As long as there is no group hostile to Israel, we are ready to discuss alternatives about who controls this land."

According to the Reuters news agency, he told reporters: Israel will take every measure to destroy Hamas, but we have no intention of staying permanently in the Gaza Strip.

Gallant said Tel Aviv is open to discussing alternatives to who could control Gaza after the war: "The key condition is that the group does not act hostile to Israel." The rest, in my opinion, is debatable. But it certainly won't be Hamas, and it won't be Israel either."
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