Publish dateThursday 21 December 2023 - 09:10
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After Uzbekistan asked Qatar for help in the construction of the Trans-Afghan railway line, which connects Central Asia from Afghanistan to South Asia, the Qatari government has announced its readiness to help in the construction of this railway line.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In February 2021, the governments of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan launched the Trans-Afghan railway project, which starts from the city of Tarmez in Uzbekistan and ends in Peshawar, Pakistan through Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul. , signed. This project, with an initial cost of about 5 billion dollars, will create a new transportation corridor with a transit capacity of up to 20 million tons of cargo per year and will connect the countries of Europe, Russia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
According to the press service of the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan, Elhom Mokhkamov, the head of the country's transport agency, and Hamid Isa Abdullah, the deputy minister of transport of Qatar, held talks in Tashkent on October 23, where they discussed the development of bilateral cooperation. 
It is said that the main focus of the negotiations was on the establishment of international railway lines, especially the implementation of the Trans-Afghan railway construction project. According to the officials of the Uzbek government, the construction of a railway line through Afghanistan on the route of Termez-Mazar-e-Sharif-Kabul-Peshawar, which connects the railway networks of Central and South Asia, has been introduced as one of the most important foreign policy projects of this country. The length of the Trans-Afghan railway line is 760 km, along with which, the construction of an overhead power cable, 136 bridges and other similar structures, as well as the installation of three tunnels on the route of this railway line, will be done. The implementation of this project will significantly reduce the delivery time of goods from South Asia to Central Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.
This is despite the fact that a few days ago, during the visit of the foreign minister to Herat province and the meeting with the officials of Turkmenistan, it was said that agreements were made regarding the extension of the missile railway.
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