Publish dateSaturday 30 December 2023 - 15:35
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The American president once again warned that it is possible for the country to enter into a direct conflict with Russia if Ukraine loses the war.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to Fars International News Agency, US President Joe Biden has warned that if the Kremlin succeeds in the war with Ukraine, the United States will be in danger of being drawn into a direct conflict with Russia.
According to "Newsweek", Biden's comments were made in the wake of extensive Russian airstrikes across Ukraine on Friday. According to the officials of the Kyiv Air Force, in these attacks, about 110 missiles hit Ukraine and hospitals, residential buildings and a shopping center were targeted. Ukrainian authorities have claimed that at least 31 Ukrainian citizens were killed and 120 others were injured as a result of these attacks.
In the statement published by Biden, it is stated: Russia has carried out its largest airstrikes since the start of the war in Ukraine overnight. It is a stark reminder to the world that nearly two years after this devastating war, Putin's goal has not changed. He seeks to destroy Ukraine and subjugate the people of this country and his actions must be stopped.
The 22-month war has increased tensions between Russia and NATO members, who have supported Ukraine in this war through billions of dollars in military aid and weapons.
However, support for Ukraine has waned in countries such as the United States, where Republican lawmakers have blocked additional aid to the country and have made it a condition for the Biden administration to withdraw aid if a deal is reached to reform the country's immigration system. Will continue to Ukraine.
Regarding his support for Ukraine, Biden said on Friday that some Ukrainian forces were able to intercept a number of missiles and drones launched by Russia due to the air defense systems provided by the United States.
Biden also emphasized that the United States cannot continue to provide Ukraine with "critical and critical air defense systems and weapons" until lawmakers in the US Congress take "urgent action in the New Year."
Biden said on Friday that the dangers of this country's war with Russia go far beyond the war between Russia and Ukraine and could affect the entire NATO alliance, European security and the future of transatlantic relations.
"When dictators are allowed to act recklessly in Europe, the risk that the United States will intervene directly will increase, and the consequences will be reflected around the world," the US president said. We cannot let our allies and partners down. We cannot let Ukraine down and history will judge harshly those who fail to answer the call of freedom.
Previously, Biden warned the Republicans that not supporting Ukraine could be a serious threat to the NATO alliance and subsequently the United States of America. The White House's final aid package to Kiev, announced this week, was estimated to total $250 million.
Biden has asked Congress to approve a $110 billion aid package that is dedicated to supporting Ukraine, the Zionist regime, and other US national security needs. However, this request has been repeatedly rejected by Republican lawmakers./Fars news
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