Publish dateSunday 31 December 2023 - 14:43
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A contract to import electricity from Turkmenistan for 2024 was signed with this country
Officials at the headquarters of Breshna Company have announced the signing of the electricity import contract for 2024 with Turkmenistan, and they say that according to this contract, 1.8 billion kilowatts of electricity will be imported to Afghanistan per hour.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Breshna Company wrote on page X: Mohammad Hanif Hamzah, CEO of Breshna, visited Turkmenistan with Annagoldi Sperov, Minister of Energy of this country, Dordi Ilyasov, CEO of Turkmen Energy, and officials of Turkmen Construction Department.
It has been said: In this meeting, the electricity purchase contract for 2024 was signed, and based on this contract, about 1.8 billion kilowatts of electricity per hour will be supplied through Andkhoi, Aqineh, Badghis and Torghandi-Herat routes.
Turkmen Energy has also been assured about the completion of the 500 KV power transmission line, which was opened last week, and about the purchase of more electricity through this line.
This directorate added that the two sides also discussed the Noorul Jihad substation project in Herat, the contract of which was signed between Breshna Company and Turkmen Energy some time ago, and Turkmen Energy was asked to complete the work of the mentioned substation as soon as possible.
The Executive Chairman of Breshna Company thanked Turkmenistan for their cooperation and asked them that Afghanistan needs the cooperation and support of Turkmenistan to import electricity to Afghanistan now more than any other time.
This is despite the fact that the electricity import agreement for 2024 from Tajikistan was also signed before.
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