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An Afghan expert referring to the terrorist attacks in Kerman, Iran;

"CIA, Mossad and ISIS" are actors of the same project!

"CIA, Mossad and ISIS" are actors of the same project!
Referring to the terrorist suicide attacks in the city of Kerman, Iran, an Afghan expert emphasized that "CIA, Mossad and ISIS" are the actors of a project, especially considering the accusations that the Islamic Republic of Iran has made against the Zionist regime about the main factors of this attack. . This expert has demanded that the Islamic Republic of Iran pay attention to the information of the current government of Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Faiz Afghan, an expert on political issues, in a note sent to AVA News Agency, wrote about the developments in Kerman, Iran, about the accusations that the president of this country made against the Zionist regime and warned this criminal regime. A few hours after this incident, the Intelligence and Special Operations Organization of the Zionist regime (Mossad) tweeted: American intelligence believes that ISIS is behind the attacks in Iran.
At the same time, he referred to the words of Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who said: The US had no role in the explosions in Iran and does not see any reason for Israel's involvement in these explosions.
But this Afghan expert emphasized: My sixth sense also says that CIA, Mossad and ISIS are actors of the same project.
With this analysis, he noted: the current government of Afghanistan fought fiercely with ISIS and as a result of this fight, this takfiri group came close to extinction in the country, and operations against ISIS are also underway in Turkey, so they may want to this time.
Faiz Afghan added, although the Afghan government has shared information about ISIS with regional countries, including Iran, but if the regional countries, including Iran, consider the information of this government as unimportant and remove it from their attention, they may witness a repetition. 
Although the ISIS group seems to have taken responsibility for the terrorist attack on the 4th anniversary of the martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani, some analytical sources in Iran have raised doubts about the nature of ISIS's recent announcement. Among other things, there is no history of ISIS using the word "Iran" in its statements.
the other hand, there is no precedent for the picture of the terrorist agents of the operation, who happened to be killed during the operation, to be published in checkered form.
The third point, according to these sources, is that the declaration of acceptance of responsibility for the operations of the Daesh terrorist group is never published with a 30-hour delay, rather, Daesh even prepares images of the pledge of allegiance and the declaration of responsibility before each operation and publishes them immediately after the execution of the operation.
For this reason, Iran still considers the Zionist regime and America to be behind the terrorist crime of Kerman.
According to the latest reports of the Emergency Organization and the Ministry of Interior of Iran, 84 people were martyred and 284 others were injured in the terrorist incident in Kerman. 12 of these martyrs were Afghans.
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