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Relentless attacks by the Zionist regime on different areas of Gaza/ the continuing attack of the occupying forces on the West Bank
The relentless attacks of the Zionist regime on various areas of Gaza and the martyrdom of dozens of civilians, the continuing attack of the occupying forces on the West Bank and the killing of two other Zionist soldiers in the Gaza battle are among the most important developments of the 103rd day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (Ava): The Israeli regime's fighters and planes launched relentless attacks on various areas in the Gaza Strip since the early hours of this Wednesday morning, most of which are related to the city of Khan Yunis.

The Israeli army bombarded different areas of this city 10 times in a few hours, as a result of which nearly 30 people were martyred and dozens more were injured. Only seven people from one family were martyred in the Austrian neighborhood.

New York Times: The tunnel network of Hamas has surprised the Israeli army
The New York Times, in a report it published on Tuesday, said that the "width, depth and quality of the tunnels" built by Hamas have surprised the Israeli army.

This newspaper wrote that one of the tunnels built in Gaza was so wide that a senior Hamas official was able to drive a car inside it. Another tunnel was as long as three football fields. In another case, a tunnel was dug under the house of one of the Hamas commanders, which was almost seven stories underground with a staircase.

The analysis of the New York Times newspaper states: "Israeli officials and soldiers who have been inside Hamas tunnels, as well as current and former American officials, say that the extent, depth and quality of the tunnels built by Hamas have amazed them."

The American newspaper wrote that even some of the devices used by Hamas to build tunnels have surprised the Israeli army, and army officials now say that there are many more tunnels under Gaza.

Repeating the attack scenario on Gaza hospitals, this time in Khan Yunis
The Israeli regime army has started an artillery attack around the Nasser hospital and hospital complex in Khan Yunis, located in the south of Gaza.

This regime has already displaced the treatment and service staff as well as thousands of homeless people who took shelter in Gaza hospitals.

Bombing Khan Yunis more than 10 times
The Palestinian media reported that the Israeli regime has bombed different areas of Khan Yunis 10 times, which is unprecedented.

Heavy clashes between the Gaza resistance and the Zionist military in Khan Yunis
At the same time as the news of continuous bombardment of Khan Yunis city was announced, the pictures released from this city show a fierce conflict between the resistance forces and the Israeli regime soldiers.

The destruction of a tank and a bulldozer of the Zionist regime in Khan Yunis
Al-Qassam military branch of the Hamas movement announced that the fighters of this movement targeted an Israeli Merkava type tank and a bulldozer of this regime with an Eliasin 105 rocket in the south of Khan Yunis.

Al-Qassam fighters also managed to target an infantry unit of the Zionist regime with an anti-personnel rocket in the south of Khan Yunis and then engaged with the Zionist aggressors with firearms, as a result of which a number of them were killed or injured.

Martyrdom of 3 Palestinians, including two brothers, in the Israeli drone attack on Balata camp, Nablus
News sources reported that three Palestinians, including two brothers, were killed following a drone attack by the Israeli army on the Balata camp in the east of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, during which a car was targeted.

According to this report, Saif Al-Najmi and Yazen Al-Najmi, two Palestinians, along with Mohammad Qatawi, were martyred in this terrorist act of the occupation.

The continuation of the attack of Zionist soldiers on Tulkarem
Palestinian sources reported that the Zionist regime continued to attack Tulkarem and its camp in the occupied West Bank and that a new explosion was heard.

Two more Zionist soldiers were killed in the Gaza battle
The Israeli army acknowledged the death of an officer and another soldier of this regime in clashes in Gaza last night.

According to the official report, with the death of these two soldiers, the death toll of the Zionist aggressor army has increased to 525 since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa storm.

Missile attack on the military centers of the Israeli regime in the occupied fields of Shabaa
News sources reported that rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards Israeli military centers in the occupied fields of Shabaa.

More details of this missile attack have not been reported.
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