Publish dateThursday 18 January 2024 - 11:25
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Pakistani missile attacks on Iranian soil
This Thursday morning, 28 serious security sources in Iran's Sistan and Baluchistan province have reported the occurrence of several explosions in several areas around Saravan district near the Pakistan border in this province. At the same time, Pakistani government sources have announced a missile attack on Iran's territory in response to this country's missile attacks on Pakistan's territory. As a result of these attacks, 7 non-Iranian citizens have died.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): After several explosions were heard in Saravan district of Iran's Sistan and Baluchistan province, the deputy security and law enforcement officer of this province, while confirming these explosions, told the media that 3 women and 4 non-Iranian children were killed in These explosions. It is said that these non-Iranian nationals were Pakistani.
According to IRNA news agency, the deputy of police and security of Sistan and Baluchistan province has confirmed that at 4:30 in the morning today, Thursday (January 18), several missiles hit one of the border villages of Saravan from Pakistan.
According to him, 3 women and 4 children were killed in these missile attacks, all of whom are non-Iranian nationals.
He said that another explosion occurred near the city of Saravan, in which no one was injured.
At the same time, Pakistani government sources have said that the country's military has targeted "7 locations of the Balochistan Liberation Army" inside Iran in response to Iran's missile attacks on the bases of the Jaish-e-Zalum terrorist group in Pakistan.
The Pakistan Army has claimed that this country has carried out missile attacks on the positions of "Balochistan Liberation Army" and "Baloch Liberation Front" on Iranian soil on Thursday.
The Pakistan Armed Forces News Twitter page announced that it has attacked 7 targets in 3 locations in Iran (Saravan, Shamsar and Hanq), which were the headquarters of the terrorists.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has also announced by publishing a statement: Pakistan fully respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The only purpose of today's action was to secure Pakistan's own national security and interests, which are of primary importance and cannot be compromised.
Earlier, Iran's Foreign Minister had stated in a phone call with his Pakistani counterpart about Iran's missile attacks on Pakistani soil, that Iran respects Pakistan's territorial integrity and considers the country's security as its security.
However, Pakistan's foreign minister called Iran's attack not only a serious violation of Pakistan's sovereignty, but also a flagrant violation of international laws and the spirit of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran and said: "Pakistan reserves the right to respond to this provocative act."
Meanwhile, the Iranian media have reported that Hossein Ali Javadanfar, the former deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards of Saravan district of this country, was shot by unknown gunmen on Khash-Zahedan road in Sistan and Baluchistan last night (Wednesday, 27 Jadi) while returning home. He was taken and died.
In a statement, Jaish al-Zalm claimed responsibility for the killing of the commander of the Saravan Guards Corps and wrote that two of his bodyguards were also killed during this operation.
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