Publish dateThursday 18 January 2024 - 11:48
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Joint military exercise of America, South Korea and Japan in response to North Korea
The naval forces of the United States, South Korea, and Japan held a joint naval exercise in which an American aircraft carrier also participated, with the aim of showing power against North Korea.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The exercise of the three countries was held in the waters around Jeju Island, one of the islands under the control of South Korea, after North Korea announced on Monday a new solid fuel supersonic missile with a long range.
According to the Associated Press, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently announced in a speech at the Pyongyang parliament that his country will abandon its long-standing commitment to peaceful reunification with South Korea and ordered the rewriting of the North Korean constitution to remove the idea of He gave the joint unity of these two countries separated by the war.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean Army announced on Wednesday that the country's naval exercise with the United States and Japan, which ended its three-day program on Wednesday, was attended by 9 warships of these countries, including the American aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and destroyers equipped with the Aegis system.
The Seoul Joint Chiefs of Staff announced the purpose of this exercise to strengthen the joint response and deterrence capabilities of the three countries against North Korea's nuclear, missile, and submarine threats, and to practice "preventing the illegal maritime transfer of weapons of mass destruction." This headquarters did not directly refer to the recent claims of the West and the United States that North Korea is transferring weapons to Russia to help it in the Ukraine war.
According to Isna, Kim Gun, the nuclear envoy of South Korea in Seoul, is going to meet with Namazu Hiroyuki, his Japanese counterpart, on Wednesday, and both envoys will hold a tripartite meeting tomorrow Thursday with Jung Pak, the deputy special representative of Joe Biden, the president. The President of the United States will hold a meeting on North Korea with the aim of coordinating its response to North Korea.
In the face of North Korea's increasing nuclear threats, South Korea's conservative president Yun Suk-yol has expanded cooperation and military exercises with the United States and Japan, while the leader of North Korea considers their military exercises as a practice to attack his country's territory.
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