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Continuation of the bombing of different areas of Gaza/attack of the occupying forces on the West Bank
The continuation of the bombing of different areas of Gaza, the early morning attack of the Zionists on the West Bank and the conflict with the Palestinian fighting forces are among the most important developments of the 106th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: The Israeli regime planes attacked different areas of the Gaza Strip early this Saturday, and the "Baton al-Samin" area in the city of Khan Yunis, located in the south, was one of these areas that suffered the most attacks.
Amal neighborhood in this city was also one of the areas that were heavily targeted by the Zionists' artillery and aerial attacks.
Israeli forces attacked areas such as Nablus, Tulkarm and Ramallah in the West Bank this morning. In the Balata camp located in Nablus, this attack led to a conflict with Palestinian fighters, and according to Palestinian sources, these conflicts are still ongoing.
Destruction of the historical building of Gaza City in the Zionist attack
In its more than 100-day offensive on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli regime's army is targeting new infrastructure and old buildings of historical value. The Gaza City Hall is one of these buildings that has been seriously damaged in the recent attacks and a part of it has been completely destroyed.
Resumption of clashes in northern Gaza
News sources announced the resumption of clashes between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupying forces in the east of Jabalia, located in the north of Gaza. The Zionist soldiers made Jabalia town the target of their heavy artillery attacks.
Conflict in the east of Khan Yunis
Al Jazeera's reporter reported the conflict between the Palestinian resistance fighters and the Zionist army in the east of Khan Yunis, located in the south of the Gaza Strip. More details of these conflicts have not been released.
The Zionist forces heavily bombarded the "Baton al-Samin" area in the south of Khan Yunis.
Armed conflict in Balata camp
The Israeli occupying forces attacked the Balata camp in the east of Nablus, located in the West Bank. Following the attack of the Israeli soldiers, the resistance fighters entered into a fierce armed conflict with them.
UNICEF: Since the beginning of the war, 20,000 babies have been born in Gaza
The United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF" emphasized that thousands of Palestinian children were born in the hell of the Gaza Strip and it is possible that many children will die as a result of the harsh and unfortunate conditions in this strip.
According to the Palestine Information Center, UNICEF emphasized in a report that since the beginning of the war in Gaza, nearly 20,000 Palestinian babies were born in this strip. It is stated in this report that in many cases, cesarean operations are performed without anesthesia.
Martyrdom of 151 UN staff members since the beginning of the Gaza war
The United Nations agency UNRWA announced that since the beginning of the war in Gaza on October 7, 151 employees of this organization were martyred in the attacks of the Zionist regime army.
UNRWA stated that the relief operations in the Gaza Strip are facing difficulties due to the interruption of communication networks.
Zionist analyst: Israel is stuck in the swamp of Gaza and the West Bank
Amos Hareil, an analyst of the Israeli regime in the Hebrew-language newspaper Haaretz, emphasized that there are clear signs that "Israel" is completely stuck in the swamp of Gaza and the West Bank, but Netanyahu and his ministers are oblivious to this issue.
Washington confirmed the death of an American citizen in the West Bank
After the Palestinian media published the news about the killing of an American citizen in the West Bank, the US State Department confirmed this news and asked Israel for an explanation about this issue.
The Palestinian news agency Wafa reported on Friday morning that 17-year-old Tawfiq Hafiz Ajaq, an American citizen, was shot dead by Israeli forces.
The Israeli army announced that it is investigating the "allegations" about an Israeli soldier shooting an American citizen, and the Israeli police have announced the beginning of an investigation.
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