Publish dateSunday 21 January 2024 - 11:51
Story Code : 284591
The Israeli war cabinet is on the verge of collapse
Zionist experts say that the war cabinet, which was formed to save Israel from collapse, is now on the verge of collapse.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Yair Kazin, an analyst of the Zionist Army Radio, admitted to this issue and added: Today, the question is not about holding or not holding elections this year, but the main question is about its date, because the cabinet Israel's war is on the verge of collapse.
In his article published in the Jerusalem Post, this Zionist analyst emphasized that the voices calling for early elections are increasing day by day, however, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allied right-wing parties continue to oppose these demands.
In another part of this article, it is predicted that the National Unity Party headed by Benny Gantz will soon leave the emergency cabinet (war cabinet) and the way he started on October 11 after the invasion of Gaza by joining the coalition. reach a dead end.
Kazin also emphasized that today no one has a difference of opinion regarding the holding of elections in this year (2024), but there is a difference of opinion regarding the date of holding it this year.
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