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Continuation of attacks by the Zionist regime on different areas of Gaza/ 34 killed and wounded in the attack on American forces
The continuous attacks of the Zionist regime on various areas of Gaza, 34 dead and injured in the attack on the American forces on the Jordan-Syria border and the hitting of precision missiles in the north of the occupied Palestine are among the most important developments of the 114th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The continuous aggression of the Zionist regime's army to different areas of the Gaza Strip has entered its 114th consecutive day.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the northern areas of the Gaza Strip were targeted by air and artillery attacks by the invading Israeli army.

Israeli warplanes also bombarded the western areas of Gaza City this Sunday morning.

According to Palestinian sources, another number of defenseless women, children, and elderly people were martyred and injured in these attacks.

The army of the Zionist regime continues to invade the West Bank, so that the soldiers of this regime attacked the town of Qabatia in the south of Jenin, where they faced the resistance of the militant youth.

Martyrdom of 40 Palestinians in attacks on Gaza
The Zionist regime bombarded areas in Gaza City and the north of the Gaza Strip in a crazy manner on Sunday, during which 40 people were martyred and dozens were injured.

Iraqi resistance: We carried out 178 attacks against America and Israel in 100 days
A source in the Islamic resistance of Iraq announced: We carried out 178 drone and missile attacks against US bases in Iraq and Syria and Israeli positions in the occupied territories within 100 days.

Hamas's reaction to the killing of American soldiers
One of the leaders of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas emphasized that we had warned the US government about the expansion of the scope of war and conflicts in the region due to the encroachment of the Zionist enemy on Gaza.

Sami Abu Zuhri stressed that the nation will continue its duty to support the blood of Palestinians and what is happening in Gaza is a shame for the world.

He added: Today, only 4 commercial trucks have entered the Gaza Strip, and no trucks carrying humanitarian aid have entered the area.

He emphasized: The killing of three American soldiers contains the message that if the killing of innocents in Gaza does not stop, the United States must face the entire Islamic nation and the continuation of American-Zionist aggression against Gaza will cause an explosion of the situation in the entire region.

34 killed and wounded in the attack on American forces on the border of Jordan and Syria
American military officials said on Sunday night that three soldiers of this country were killed and at least 34 military personnel were injured in a night drone attack on an American base in Jordan.

CENTCOM (US Central Command) confirmed in a statement on Sunday night that three soldiers were killed and more than 30 military personnel were injured in a drone attack on a base in northeastern Jordan.

Al-Sudani demanded the adoption of a united position of Islamic countries towards Gaza
Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani, in a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Lebanese Shiite Supreme Council, emphasized that the international community should act to stop the cruel and barbaric war against Gaza.

He emphasized that Iraq supports the rights of Palestinians and their cause. He called for a united Arab and Islamic position towards the war in Gaza.

Al-Sudani emphasized that Iraq will take the initiative to stand in solidarity with all its brothers in the face of various challenges and crises.

Saudi Arabia: Immediate ceasefire in Gaza is our priority
Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan said in a meeting with his Egyptian counterpart in Cairo: "We emphasized our common priority for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza."

Bin Farhan added: International laws are binding on everyone and should be applied to Israel as well.

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister stated that the Zionist regime implements a systematic policy of starving the residents of Gaza and said: Israel must be required to comply with international humanitarian laws.

Point rockets hit the north of occupied Palestine
After the warning sirens sounded in the Kiryat Shemune area located in the north of occupied Palestine, the Israeli regime media reported that the rockets had hit the area.

The Israeli army reported that 2765 of its soldiers were wounded
The Israeli army announced that 2,765 Israeli officers and soldiers have been treated since the beginning of the war, of which 1,273 were injured after the ground attack began.

The Israeli army added: 397 officers and soldiers are still being treated, of which 39 are in critical condition.

Lebanon's Hezbollah missile attacks on Barke Risha base
In the first statement of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, it is stated that, in line with the support of the steadfast Palestinian nation in the Gaza Strip and supporting its brave and honorable resistance, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance targeted the gatherings of the Israeli army soldiers in the "Baraka Risha" military base with their rocket attacks this Sunday. and as a result inflicted certain losses on the enemy.

The Israeli army announced the withdrawal of its troops from Gaza
The Israeli army radio reported that the army withdrew a number of reserve soldiers from Gaza, including the 4th and 55th brigades.

The Israel Army Radio also announced that the army has also withdrawn the "Kirati" brigade from the city of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip.

Kiryati brigade forces were active in the north and east of Khan Yunis.

The Hebrew-language newspaper Yediot Aharonot emphasized that the Israeli army is facing fierce resistance from Palestinian fighters in Khan Yunis.

So far, thousands of Israeli army forces have been forced to withdraw from the Gaza Strip following the heavy blows they received from the resistance and the heavy casualties inflicted on them. The last day was slow7107 The Israeli army withdrew from the Gaza Strip.
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