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Continuation of the Zionist regime
The continuous aggression and crimes of the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza, the clash of young fighters with the occupying army in the West Bank and the assassination of three Palestinian youths in the hospital bed are among the most important developments of the 116th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Zionist regime continued to commit its crimes against the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip in the first hours of the morning today, Tuesday, at the same time as the 116th day of its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Public Health of Palestine had announced on Monday evening that the number of martyrs of the continuous aggression of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip reached 26 thousand 637 people and the number of injured people reached 65 thousand 387 people since October 7th (Operation Storm Al-Aqsa).

On the other hand, the Zionist army attacked different areas of the West Bank like in the past days and nights in order to suppress any resistance of the people of this area in support of the oppressed people of Gaza. Continuing to resist and respond to the crimes of this regime has failed.

Various Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi, and Yemeni resistance groups continue to continue to respond to the crimes of the Zionist regime, so that the Islamic resistance of Lebanon has repeatedly targeted the positions and bases of the Israeli army in the past day alone.

Hamas: The assassination of three Palestinian youths in the hospital is a full-fledged war crime
In response to the assassination of three Palestinian youths inside the hospital, the Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas) announced that this assassination is a serious war crime and that this act of the Zionist regime will not go unanswered.

John Kirby: Biden seeks to avoid wider conflicts
In an interview with CNN, the spokesperson of the National Security Council of the White House said that America is not looking for war with Iran and wants to prevent wider conflicts in the Middle East.

John Kirby said: "In fact, every action the president has taken is designed to reduce tensions and reduce conflicts."

CNN: There is no evidence that Iran was involved in the attack by American forces
CNN, citing its sources, reported that so far there is no evidence that Iran was involved in the attack on American forces in northern Jordan.

The Americans claim that they attacked the forces of this country in the north of Jordan, while the government of this country officially said that the attack took place in Syria, not in Jordan.

Brigadier General of the Zionist Army: The army is not capable of fighting on two fronts
At the same time as there are speculations about the increase of the army of the Israeli regime in the north of the occupied Palestine, Ishaq Brik, the reserve brigadier general of this regime's army, said: the army cannot go to war on two fronts; Even on one front, it cannot and cannot succeed in eliminating Hamas.

Nationwide strike in Jenin after the Zionist crime in the hospital
National and Islamic forces in the city of Jenin called for a nationwide strike following the assassination of three Palestinian youths in the city's hospital by the Zionists.

Al-Qassam's statement about the details of the assassination of three Palestinian youths
"Al-Qassam" Kandak - Jenin Kandak announced by issuing a statement that about 10 people from the special forces of the Zionist regime, wearing the clothes of doctors, nurses and Palestinian women, entered the hospital individually and went to the third floor and killed three Palestinian youths using He was assassinated with a pistol that had a silencer.

Hebrew sources: The Zionist War Cabinet is reviewing the proposed prisoner exchange agreement
The media of the Zionist regime announced that the war cabinet of this regime will review the details of the proposed exchange agreement after the return of the head of the Mossad from Paris.

Pentagon: So far, our forces have been attacked 165 times in Iraq and Syria
US Department of Defense (Pentagon): Since October 17th, our soldiers have been attacked 165 times in Iraq and Syria.

West Bank militant youth confronting the early morning aggression of the Zionist military in Tulkarem
The soldiers of the Zionist regime attacked the city of Tulkarm in the West Bank early this Tuesday, and the resistant youths fought them with explosive packages.

Palestinian resistance: The exchange of prisoners is possible only after the Israeli aggression stops
The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine emphasized that the exchange of prisoners is possible only after the Israeli regime's aggression stops.
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