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Dimensions of the attack on the "American base in Jordan" by the Iraqi resistance forces
Two days ago, more than 40 American soldiers were killed and wounded in the attack of the Iraqi resistance forces drone on the American base in Jordan. While Jordan has denied that American forces were targeted in its territory, the United States insists that the attack that targeted a number of its forces on the border of Jordan and Syria on Sunday was inside Jordanian territory, and this is the difference between the narrative of Washington and Amman has caused confusion about the attack and its dimensions.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): After this attack, the Jordanian government spokesman "Mohanand Al-Mubizain" announced that the Al-Tanf base in Syria, which is about 24 kilometers away from the country's territory, was attacked, in front of the United States. It says that this attack targeted the base of "Al Burj T22" located in the northeast of Jordan.

Retired major general and Jordanian military analyst Mamoun Abu Nawar told Anatolia news agency about the difference in the narratives about this attack: Talking about the attack being carried out in Jordanian territory means that we are forced to respond; Because this is considered a violation of the country's sovereignty, and therefore, in my opinion, Aman is more accurate in determining the location of the attack.

He added: "The conflict between the Americans and the resistance groups in the region continues, and I predict that Washington will be forced to respond in Iraq and Syria."

He pointed out: Al-Burj base, which Washington is talking about, is very close to the border of Jordan and is located in the vicinity of Al-Tanf base.

Abu Nabar assessed the purpose of these attacks to pressure Washington to withdraw from the region.

He clarified: America wants to give dimensions to this attack in the future, and for this reason, it mentioned Jordan as its ally and wants to expand any future deterrence against regional groups, and in this way protect its influence and vital space in the region.

This retired Jordanian soldier also emphasized: Failure to monitor and intercept drones is a failure for America, but the nature of these drones is that they achieve their goals, and I assume that they flew from the territory of Iraq, not Syria.

At the end of his speech, he emphasized: The Jordanian government relies on its positions and procedures in its readings of the country's national security, so I agree with what Amman announced about the location of the attack.

At the same time, Jordanian political analyst Amer Al-Sabaylah emphasized in an interview with Anatolia news agency: It should be considered that the targeting of American forces has taken on unconventional dimensions and will lead Washington to an unconventional reaction.

He added: "Targeting Jordan means that there is a new geography in the confrontation, and this leads us to a new escalation of tension due to the killing of American soldiers."

Al-Sabaila believes that America is bound to react, especially since election campaigns have been keyed in this country. Therefore, what happened will be the best excuse for the Republicans to show the weakness of the Democrats led by Joe Biden.

He added: This will cause a decisive reaction in different regions and requires Jordan to raise its level of preparation. Because this incident shows that the geography has expanded and Americans will not be targeted only in Syria and Iraq from now on.

Anatoly continues his report: Jordan first denied that the attack was on its territory, then announced that American forces are present on the border as part of the agreement between Washington and Amman.

According to Isna, according to this report, the observers believe that Jordan's narrative was initially based on the close distance between al-Tanf base and Al-Burj, and the same security issue prompted it to take place in its own territory immediately after the official announcement of the attack. 

In this regard, the Reuters news agency stated that there is not much information about the Alborj base.

According to this media report, Al Burj is located in an important strategic location in the northeast of Jordan and the border triangle with Syria and Iraq.

Also, it is not clear exactly how many American soldiers are stationed at the Al-Burj base, and it is also not clear what kind of weapons and air defenses are inside it.

According to satellite images, El Burj is located inside Jordan and close to the Syrian refugee camp "Al-Rukban".
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