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There is a possibility of a ceasefire agreement in Gaza and the release of prisoners in the coming days
A number of Arab media, citing Palestinian sources, have claimed that an initial agreement has been reached between the Hamas movement and the Zionist regime on the first stage of the exchange of prisoners.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): A Palestinian informed source told "Al Alam Al Arabi" news agency (AVP) that the Paris talks have come a long way and there is an agreement on the details of the first phase of the prisoner exchange deal and a temporary ceasefire. 

This source, who did not want to reveal his name, said: The negotiations have reached the issue of the day after Israel's war in the Gaza Strip and the party that will manage the Gaza Strip. Recently, several meetings were held with Arab and international parties, and the necessity of trying to strengthen the self-governing organizations on the one hand and agreeing with the Hamas movement on the outline of the agreement was raised.

He added: Hamas leaders abroad have agreed to the details discussed regarding the exchange of prisoners and the ceasefire, but they are waiting for the response of the movement's leaders in the Gaza Strip to take the next step.

This source continued: The first stage of the agreement is the release of one Israeli civilian prisoner every day in exchange for the release of 30 Palestinian prisoners, provided that this happens simultaneously with the suspension of all military actions in Gaza.

He also emphasized that the details of the second phase of the agreement will be negotiated during the implementation of the first phase.

These statements were made while Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas's political office, said this afternoon that the movement received the proposal that was presented at the Paris meeting and is currently investigating and providing a response to it.

The head of the Hamas political office stated: The basis of our response to this proposal is to give priority to stopping the brutal aggression and the complete withdrawal of the occupation forces from the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, Mohammad Nazal, one of the leaders of the Hamas movement, stated in an interview with Al Jazeera Mubasher: Paris hosted a meeting on Sunday to end the issue of war and prisoners, and the parties present in the French capital reached a common vision that within a few hours It will be up to us to decide.

Stating that Hamas' position is flexible and open and wants to stop the aggression against the Palestinian nation, Nezal noted that the process of exchanging prisoners is an integral part of the negotiations.
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