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There is a possibility that Netanyahu
A number of internal media of the Zionist regime have reported that due to the deep differences in the right-wing cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu and the existing pressures, there is a possibility of the collapse of the cabinet of this regime and the holding of early elections.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Channel 12 of the Zionist regime's TV about the efforts of Yoaf Gallant, the minister of war of this regime, to reduce the tensions between Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the war council, and Benny Gantz, the leader of the Ittihad party and another member. This council informed.

According to this report, Gallant suggested that in order to resolve the tensions, elections should be held in the next two years or 6 months after the Gaza war.

The publication of the news about the holding of early elections resulted in the reaction of the Likud party, and this party announced that the elections will be held at the time specified in the law and that it did not receive a proposal in this regard from Galant.

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime, referring to the threat of Netanyahu's cabinet extremists to collapse the cabinet in case of an agreement with the Palestinian resistance and stop the war, announced: Gallant raised the issue of holding early elections because the prisoner exchange agreement may cause the collapse of the ruling coalition. 

Itamar Ben Goyer, the leader of the Utsama Yehudit party and one of Netanyahu's hardline allies, in response to the publication of the news of the agreement between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist regime, warned that he will leave the coalition if the agreement is reached.

According to IRNA, the Zionist regime, which with the aim of destroying the Palestinian resistance groups including Hamas and freeing its captives, bombarded the Gaza Strip 15 times and then marched to Gaza, after nearly 4 months of crimes in this area. He did not achieve his goals and turned to negotiations with the resistance.

Operation "Al-Aqsa storm" messed up the security and political system of the Zionist regime and according to many experts, this regime will not be able to recover the past situation.

The intensification of internal differences between the leaders of the Zionist regime regarding the culprits of the failure of the Palestinian resistance has also increased the scope of tensions in the occupied territories, and most Zionists blame Netanyahu for this failure.

Also, according to a recent survey conducted by the Lazar Research Center for the Zionist newspaper Ma'ariv, 53% of the participants answered the question whether the occupying regime had won or lost the war against the Gaza Strip. It has not won yet.

22% of the participants said that the Zionist regime has failed in this war. Another eight percent said that the Israeli regime has failed badly in the war against Gaza.
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