Publish dateMonday 12 February 2024 - 15:24
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The former prime minister of the Netherlands and his wife ended their lives with "euthanasia"!
According to the Dutch media, Dries van Acht, the former prime minister of this country and his wife, ended their lives by self-inflicted "euthanasia" at the age of 93.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The death of these two people is considered as part of the growing trend of "self-inflicted death by two people" in the Netherlands.
"Couple euthanasia" first gained attention in this country in 2020, when 26 people euthanized their partners at the same time.
These numbers reached 32 cases in the following year and 58 cases in 2022.
Van Acht, Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1977 to 1982, chose suicide with his partner of 70 years.
According to Dutch media reports, the couple were very ill but, according to themselves, "couldn't be without each other."
Fan Akhet had not fully recovered from the brain hemorrhage he suffered in 2019.
Euthanasia has been legal in the Netherlands since 2002 with reasons such as unbearable suffering, no prospect of recovery, etc.
Euthanasia, or self-inflicted death, which is opposed by all Abrahamic religions, has so far been allowed in only a handful of countries, and most countries consider it equal to murder.
In countries where this type of death is considered legal, most people with the characteristics of terminal patients or people who suffer from a serious mental illness (major depressive disorder, etc.) and with their consent, ask people such as treating doctors or nurses to Help in death.
Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and some American states have allowed euthanasia, and in some of these countries, self-inflicted death is also allowed in cases where a person suffers greatly but is not terminally ill.
The common opinion of many different nations and religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, is that life is a gift from God and you should try to protect it with all your might, and illness and its hardships are also a part of human life and destiny, which must be passed naturally.
From the point of view of Islam, if the patient is religious and a believer, enduring pain and suffering and being patient with it will lead to the forgiveness of sins and self-cultivation and reduction of punishment or increase in ranks and attaining greater rewards in the hereafter, and if he is not a believer, how much pain And suffering will make him regret his past behavior and life and repent and leave the world with faith.
In addition to the opposition of religions to euthanasia, other opponents of this type of death say that by promoting euthanasia, the motivation to treat certain diseases will be lost and the progress of medical science will be prevented, and the care of the elderly is considered unjustified for people and their relatives, and most importantly , the patient's trust in the doctor will be lost due to the patient's fear of stopping the treatment by the doctor and performing euthanasia; Therefore, it is no longer possible to go to hospitals with peace of mind.
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