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Pakistan Elections/ Leaders of PPPP and Muslim League-Nawaz have reached a basic agreement for a five-year road map
Pakistan's Geo news channel claimed that the leaders of PPPP and Muslim League-Nawaz have reached a basic agreement for a five-year roadmap, during which each of these parties can hold the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan for 2.5 years.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The end of Pakistan's big election and the counting of people's votes are announced while the claim of victory has been made by the leaders of two powerful parties led by "Imran Khan" and "Nawaz Sharif". In this environment, discussions about the formation of a coalition government in Pakistan have gained more strength with the introduction of a new candidate for the position of prime minister.

The official news agency of Pakistan (APP) reported that the results of the votes announced by the Election Commission so far indicate the success of the candidates affiliated to Imran Khan's party in winning the most seats in the National Assembly; Where a party with an overwhelming majority can form the future government of Pakistan. These statistics show that the "Muslim League Nawaz" party is in the second place, the "Mardam" party is in the third place, and the "United Qaumi Movement" is in the fourth place in terms of winning seats in the National Assembly.

Election candidates of Imran Khan's party, who were forced to participate in the election contests without the title of their respective party due to the deprivation of their party's (Justice Movement) emblem by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in case of a clear lead in the elections, they are forced to join another party that has a seat in to join the National Assembly because according to the constitution of Pakistan, independent candidates who have won seats will not be able to form a government until they join a party.

In the meantime, the Muslim League Nawaz party and the Justice Movement Party, which have been in a tough competition with each other for the past decade, each consider themselves to be the frontrunners in the elections. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, announced on Friday night during a speech in the city of Lahore that the Muslim League Nawaz is the only leading party in winning seats in the National Assembly. His claim was accompanied by a sharp reaction from his opponents, Imran Khan's party.

Yesterday, supporters of Imran Khan's party gathered in different cities to protest against what they called the unfair counting of their votes and election violations by rival parties. Some reports are about clashes between police forces and protesters.

Gohar Ali Khan, the successor of Imran Khan for the presidency of the Movement for Justice Party last Saturday, during a press conference in the presence of international media representatives, rejected the claim of Nawaz Sharif and announced that the Movement for Justice Party has won 170 seats in the National Assembly, so this party will be the future government of Pakistan. 

Imran Khan's supporters claim that political opponents cheated in the elections. Citing the positions of some countries and international organizations regarding the transparency of elections, they demand the involvement of the judiciary to deal with election violations.

The members of Imran Khan's party are also going to continue their nationwide protests against what they call the collusion of the election officials in the cities with the security institutions and Imran Khan's opponents. Political personalities close to Imran Khan's party demanded the President of Pakistan to call the new parliamentarians as soon as possible in accordance with the constitution and ask the leading faction in the elections, i.e. candidates affiliated to Imran Khan's party, to form the new government.

coalition government plan; Will young Zardari be a candidate for prime minister?
In the post-election frenzy of Pakistan, as Imran Khan's party is trying to appoint a government and show power despite the imprisonment of many of its party members, especially Imran Khan, other traditional parties, Muslim League Nawaz and People's Party, have started consultations to form a coalition government.

Pakistan's Geo news channel claimed that the leaders of Hizb-e-Marmad and Muslim League Nawaz have reached a basic agreement for a five-year roadmap, during which each of these parties can become the prime minister of Pakistan for two and a half years.

News sources added that Muslim League Nawaz and People's Party agreed to form a coalition government in the federal (Islamabad), Punjab and Balochistan states.

After the announcement of Nawaz Sharif's plan, official meetings were held between PML-N leader Shahbaz Sharif, former president Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan People's Party chairman and former foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

Today, the local media of Pakistan, quoting informed sources, claimed that Bilawal Zardari, the young politician of this country, in exchange for the cooperation of Nawaz Sharif's party, has raised his demand to be a candidate for the post of prime minister.

These sources added that Asif Ali Zardari, in return for agreeing to the demand of the People's Party, assured that he would support the Muslim League-Nawaz party to form a government in Punjab as the most important state of Pakistan.

After the dismissal of Imran Khan in the month of Hambal 1401, with the approval of the motion of no confidence in the then prime minister with the management of the opposition faction led by the Muslim League Nawaz and the People's Party, the fight between these parties reached the highest level. And over the last two years, Imran Khan has accused the leaders of his opposition parties of complicity with a foreign conspiracy to change the government in Pakistan.

The public relations of the Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI) last week published the speech of the leader of this party, Imran Khan, using artificial intelligence under the title "Election Victory Speech", and announced that the candidates affiliated to this party have won two-thirds of the seats in the National Assembly.

According to IRNA, Imran Khan severely criticized Nawaz Sharif's speech in this video message and added: "Justice Movement is the main winner of Pakistan's elections and by enduring 2 years of repression, injustice and political conspiracy against us."

Pakistani news channels have reported the holding of protest gatherings of supporters of Imran Khan's party in the cities of Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. Experts fear that this country will continue to be plagued by political unrest, because the post-election situation has cast a heavy shadow on efforts to stabilize security, economy and political developments.

Political observers in Pakistan interpret the winning of seats in the National Assembly by the candidates of Imran Khan's party, who of course entered the competition under the guise of independent candidates, as unprecedented and a test for powerful decision-making institutions. Some of these experts believe that what the results of the vote count show means that independent candidates are in the lead and the people's vote and will should be respected.

Following the reaction of some countries and international organizations regarding what they called ambiguities and concerns about Pakistan's elections, the government of Islamabad described these criticisms as unrealistic and said: Pakistan held successful and peaceful general elections despite the serious threat of terrorism caused by foreign support.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan said in this regard: Pakistan held these elections as part of its commitment to create a stable and democratic society. Islamabad values the constructive advice of its friends, but giving negative comments even before the completion of the election process is neither constructive nor objective.

Considering the history of unprecedented tensions between the Justice Movement Party of Pakistan and the powerful military establishment of this country, especially after the imprisonment of Imran Khan and the arrest of his supporters following the riots of 19th of this year, experts express concern about the deepening of these differences between the parties.

At the same time, last week, the commander of the Pakistani army expressed his confidence in the successful holding of the elections, and asked the political forces of this country to adopt a coherent and unifying approach to deal with internal problems.

General Sayed Asim Munir said in a statement: Since the people of Pakistan have shown their common trust in the constitution, now all political parties are obliged to mutually adopt an approach based on maturity and political unity.

The commander of the Pakistani army said: As the country is going through the post-election situation, we should think about where Pakistan is today and where is our real position among the nations.
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