Publish dateTuesday 13 February 2024 - 15:42
Story Code : 285806
The bases of the Zionist regime under the fire of Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon
Lebanon's Hezbollah has intensified rocket attacks against military bases and headquarters and Zionist settlements in the southern front of this country since this morning.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Today (Tuesday, February 13), Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted the bases and positions of the Zionist regime in the northern borders of occupied Palestine with suitable weapons on several occasions, the last of which took place moments ago and during According to the Zionist media, a building in the Zionist settlement of Kiryat Shmona near the police station was hit by a rocket, causing damage to the building and wounding several Israelis, two of whom are reported to be in critical condition.

Moments later, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance announced by publishing a statement that it targeted a building belonging to the Zionist regime police in Kiryat Shmona with a suitable weapon. Although most of the residents of this town have left, but according to the head of the local administration, out of 24,000 residents of this town, about 3,000 people still live there.

He stated today: "We are in a war zone and this is exactly the scenario we were afraid of. The calm here is deceiving and misleading. We are at the height of war and we must not take any risks and we must leave the city.

Lebanon's Hezbollah, which intensified its attacks against the occupying enemy's positions in the border strip since this morning, first targeted the Zionist settlement of Margaliot with a missile, and then targeted the gathering of Zionist soldiers in Hunin Castle and caused casualties among the enemy ranks.

This afternoon, the Zionist regime's spying equipment was also targeted at the Hadab Yarin base, and after alarm bells sounded in the occupied settlements, the Al-Mayadeen network reporter in southern Lebanon reported missile attacks on targets in Isba al-Jalil.

This is despite the fact that this morning, the Arab media reported about the shelling of areas in the south of Lebanon by the Zionist regime army, and after that it was confirmed that the Zionist artillery targeted areas in "Tale Al-Hammas" and around "Beit Leif" and "Ramieh". Is. It was after that that Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that 3 members of this movement were martyred following the attack of the occupying regime on the city of Talusa located in the south of Lebanon.
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