Publish dateTuesday 13 February 2024 - 15:47
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Five Lebanese Hezbollah forces were martyred in the attack of the Zionist regime
Lebanon's Hezbollah announced this morning (Tuesday, 23 December) that five fighters of this movement were martyred on the way to Quds and supporting the oppressed people of Gaza in southern Lebanon.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Lebanon's Hezbollah has announced the names of three of them, including 30-year-old Hussein Jamil Harisi, 35-year-old Hassan Ahmad Termes, and 32-year-old Ahmed Hussein Termes.

It is said that these people were from the town of "Talusa" who were martyred in the attack of the Zionist invaders on the south of Lebanon on the way to Jerusalem.

The martyrdom of these five forces of Lebanon's Hezbollah comes at a time when Ibrahim Al-Mousavi, a member of the faction loyal to the resistance that is affiliated with Lebanon's Hezbollah, warned the Zionist regime on Monday night and said: "If the Zionist regime commits a great folly or steps beyond the limit, will be met with an appropriate response.

Ibrahim al-Mousavi spoke during the ceremony of the 40th day of one of Hezbollah's martyrs in "Al-Khidr al-Baqa'i" settlement, and added: "The enemy should know that he is facing resistance and a nation that has a lot of power and does not back down against threats."

He stated: After almost five months of the Gaza war, the equations of the war have changed and every time the enemy has carried out an operation in Lebanon, Hezbollah has retaliated in kind.

The words of this member of the Lebanese Loyalty faction are expressed a few days after the Zionist media reported last Thursday night that Hezbollah fired three times more rockets against Israel than in the Tammuz War (2006).

These media also admitted that Hezbollah has fired 600 rockets at Israel since the beginning of the war (16).
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