Publish dateSunday 18 February 2024 - 11:09
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Export of one thousand tons of zinc ore from Afghanistan to Iran
Director General of Dogharun Taibad Border Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that for the first time, 1,000 tons of iron ore has entered Iran from Afghanistan. He also added that since the beginning of this year, more than 1,200,000 tons of goods have been exported from Iran to Afghanistan through the Dogharon border.
Afghan Voice  Agency (AVA  - Mashhad: Seyyed Hassan Rahimizadeh, Director General of Dogharon Border Customs, said yesterday, Saturday, February 17: This cargo will be shipped from Bamiyan province of Afghanistan to Herat in this country and then to the Islamic Republic of Iran. has been loaded.
According to IRNA, he added that iron ore has entered Dogharun economic center with the purpose of processing in some Iranian factories.
Director General of Dogharun Taybad Border Customs added that this amount of stone was transported by trucks with a capacity of 24 tons.
Rahimizadeh added: With the plans made, the import of this type of stone continues, and in this regard, a good interaction has been done with the institutions in charge of this field in Afghanistan.
He also pointed to the export of goods from Iran's Dogharon Customs to Afghanistan and stated: Since the beginning of this year, more than 1.2 million tons of goods have been exported to Afghanistan.
Director General of Dogharon Border Customs Taybad said that in the same period of time, another 500,000 tons of goods were transited through Iran's Dogharon border to Afghanistan.
Dogharon Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran is on the same border with Islam Qala Customs in Herat province.
According to Iranian officials, the largest volume of work of this customs is the transit of goods through Bandar Abbas, where the goods of Afghan, Pakistani and sometimes Indian merchants and other countries are transferred to Bandar Abbas and Bandar Langeh customs through the Persian Gulf countries and from there to the official crossing of Dogharon. It transits.
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