Publish dateSunday 18 February 2024 - 11:33
Story Code : 286021
The death toll of the Zionist army in the Gaza war exceeded 570 people
The army of the Zionist regime recently announced that the death toll of this regime's army has exceeded 570 since the beginning of the Gaza war.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hebrew-language media, quoting Israeli army officials, announced that three soldiers of this regime, including Nathaniel al-Kubi, the commander of the 630th battalion, were killed in the battles on Thursday last week in the Gaza Strip.
On the other hand, the Zionist army announced that the number of people killed in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the ground operation has reached more than 220 people.
Including those killed by the army of the Zionist regime until the end of last week, the total number of casualties of this regime has increased to more than 570 people.
Also, the number of wounded of the Zionist army has reached more than 3 thousand people.
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