Publish dateMonday 19 February 2024 - 11:55
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The plan to attack Rafah will be sent to the cabinet of the Zionist regime
Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Zionist regime, has said that the army's plan to attack the city of Rafah will soon be discussed in the cabinet.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Channel 12 of the Zionist regime wrote that the prime minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, will present to his cabinet the plan of the army's attack on the city of Rafah, located in the south of the Gaza Strip, in the coming days.
According to this Hebrew-language media, the plan that Netanyahu will present includes "the transfer of Palestinians in Rafah to the central and southern areas of the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli army will never allow Palestinians to go to the northern areas of the Gaza Strip."
In its news report, the Zionist regime's television referred to the statements of Benny Gantz, one of the ministers of the war cabinet of this regime, who had emphasized that if the Zionist prisoners did not return from the Gaza Strip, the war against Gaza would continue during the holy month of Ramadan and extend to Rafah.
After forcibly evicting the residents of the northern Gaza Strip and moving them there under the claim that the southern Gaza Strip is a safe zone, the Zionist regime has now announced that it plans to attack the city of Rafah, which is full of refugees. .
The barbaric and inhuman attacks of the Zionist regime against civilians, especially women and children in the Gaza Strip, which has entered its fifth month, have left more than 28,000 martyrs and tens of thousands injured, and have caused an unprecedented human disaster and widespread destruction of infrastructure in this region.
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