Publish dateTuesday 20 February 2024 - 12:32
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Saudi Arabia: We will not discuss normalization with Israel until the war in Gaza stops
Emphasizing the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister announced that Riyadh will not discuss the normalization of relations with Israel before the war in Gaza stops and Israeli forces withdraw from the region and begin a path to the creation of a Palestinian state.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "Faisal Bin Farhan", the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, in a speech, reiterated his country's position on the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

In an interview with France 24, Bin Farhan said: Saudi Arabia will never discuss the establishment of normal relations with Israel before the war in Gaza stops and the Israeli forces withdraw from this region and begin the path to the formation of a Palestinian state.

He added: "Before discussing the establishment of relations with Israel, we need a clear path for the formation of a Palestinian state."

The Saudi Foreign Minister also expressed his country's concern about the occurrence of a regional war, and emphasized the need to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and announced that a long war in Gaza increases the risk of escalation of conflicts in the region.

This Saudi official stated: "We need a ceasefire in Gaza now more than ever, and it is unacceptable that less than 100 lari (carriers of humanitarian aid) enter Gaza every day, while the Gaza Strip receives at least 500 lari a day." needs.

A few days ago, on the sidelines of the Munich security meeting, Bin Farhan called for a focus on the withdrawal of the occupying Zionist forces from the Gaza Strip and increasing aid to the people of this region and said: The way that can bring everyone to security and stability in the region is the establishment of a Palestinian state. We want the international community to focus on this issue.

The Saudi Foreign Minister stated: The actions of the Israeli occupying forces against the Palestinians inflame the feelings (anger) of all Arab and Islamic nations. Especially, nearly 30,000 civilians have been massacred in Gaza, and human suffering, including lack of food, water, and medicine, continues in this region. These actions of Israel are in the context of serving the ideologies of terrorism and extremism around the world.

Regarding the discussions related to the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime, this Saudi official said that the basis of normalization with Israel is based on the Arab peace initiative, and without stopping the war in Gaza, there will be no normalization with Israel, and anyone who obstructs the path of the "two-state" solution. He must be accountable.
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