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International warnings about the deterioration of the situation of Palestinian refugees
The deterioration of the humanitarian and health situation of the Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip and the continuation of the Israeli army's airstrikes against this strip are among the latest news related to Palestine.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: At the same time as the air strikes of the Zionist regime continue against the Gaza Strip, international institutions have warned about the deterioration of the humanitarian and health conditions of the Palestinian refugees in this strip.
Bombing residential areas of the Gaza Strip
This Wednesday morning, different parts of the Gaza Strip have witnessed the resumption of air strikes by the Zionist regime's fighters.
In this regard, Al Jazeera reported that the Zionist regime's fighters bombed Al-Brasil neighborhood located in the south of Rafah city, near the common border with Egypt.
At least eight Palestinians were killed during the bombardment of residential houses in Al-Janina neighborhood, located in the east of Rafah.
Left behind during the bombing of Mawasi Khan Yunis area and the wounded were transferred to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the center of the Gaza Strip.
The Palestine Al-Yum network also emphasized that the bombardment of the southern parts of Khan Yunis city by the Zionist regime army has resumed.
International warnings about the worsening situation of Palestinian refugees
On the other hand, one of the officials of the World Health Organization emphasized: We are facing a crisis in the field of delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.
He added: "This crisis can be solved, but Israel is not willing to do this."
The Director of the Regional Emergencies Department at the World Health Organization stated: Innocent people are dying in the Gaza Strip due to the lack of medical and health facilities.
In this regard, the spokesperson of the United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF" stated in a conversation with Al Jazeera: "We are still witnessing widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip, which has negatively affected the lives of more than half of the residents of this strip."
He further added: We are trying to help children in the Gaza Strip and reduce the pain and suffering of the residents of this strip.
This UNICEF official added: The conditions in the Gaza Strip are very difficult and no child around the world should face such conditions.
He stated: The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, especially in the north of the strip, is getting worse and Palestinian children are struggling with hunger.
The spokesperson of UNICEF stated: We are facing challenges and security problems to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. At the time of distribution, due to the small amount of these donations, we face problems again.
Bombing of the shelter of Doctors without Borders employees
In this regard, the Doctors without Borders organization announced another crime committed by the Zionist army in the Gaza Strip.
This international organization announced that the Israeli army bombed the shelter of the organization's employees and their families in Khan Yunis, located in the south of the Gaza Strip.
Medicines Sans Frontiers Organization emphasized: During this air attack, a number of family members of the employees of this organization were sacrificed and some others were injured.
Clashes and explosions occurred in the West Bank at the same time as the Zionist attack
On the other hand, the Zionist army attacked various cities and regions in the West Bank with the aim of spreading fear and extinguishing the flame of resistance in the West Bank.
Media reports indicate that more than 50 vehicles and war equipment of Zionist soldiers were stationed inside the Jenin camp this morning.
Also, the sound of successive explosions has been heard in the areas besieged by the Zionist elements in the Jenin camp.
The area of Samou, located in the south of Hebron, was also attacked by Zionist elements. These aggressor soldiers also attacked the area of Kafr Qadoum in the north of the West Bank.
The areas of Hazma located in the northeast of occupied Jerusalem, Tamoun in the south of Tubas, Qeblan and Beita in the south of Nablus have also witnessed these attacks by Zionist elements.
In addition to this, the news media reported this morning that a Palestinian youth was killed by the bullets of these soldiers during the attack of the Zionist soldiers on the Jenin camp.
A few hours ago, the soldiers of the Zionist regime attacked Jabal Johar located in the southern region of Hebron. As a result of this attack, clashes took place between the Palestinians living in this area and the Zionist soldiers, as a result of which a Palestinian citizen was injured.
In addition, the soldiers of the Zionist regime raided al-Khidr town in the south of Bethlehem and arrested a Palestinian youth in front of his house.
Also, local sources reported that the soldiers of the Zionist regime raided the town of Yabad located in the city of Jenin and were confronted by the Palestinians.
It should be noted that after the start of Al-Aqsa storm operation on October 7th of last year, the raids of the Zionist army on various areas of the West Bank and the killing and arrest of Palestinian citizens living in these areas by the occupying forces of the Zionist army have intensified.
Targeting the Zionists in the West Bank
Meanwhile, the Palestinian resistance forces intervened to prevent the advance of the Zionist forces in the West Bank and encroachment into this region.
Al Jazeera's reporter emphasized that there were clashes between the Zionist occupation forces and the resistance forces in the Jenin camp.
Zionist soldiers prevented relief vehicles from reaching Jenin city and camp.
Clashes also took place between Palestinian citizens and the soldiers of the Zionist regime in the town of Taqwa, located in the southeast of Bethlehem.
The resistance forces also targeted Zionist elements near Hamameh square in Jenin by throwing homemade bombs.
Increase in the casualties of the Zionist army in Gaza
On the other hand, the Zionist army once again announced an increase in its casualties during ground clashes in the Gaza Strip.
The army of this regime announced that a Zionist soldier from the 932nd battalion affiliated to the Nahl Brigade was killed in the clashes in the north of the Gaza Strip.
In addition, three other Zionist soldiers were seriously injured in the same clashes./Mehr News
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