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Afghanistan is involved in the organized sedition of the West/the enemy is looking for bigger seditions/the sympathizers of the religion and the country should be more united
The head of the Tebyan Center in a meeting with the officials of the central offices of this center and AVA news agency in Kabul, pointing out that currently various elements both those affiliated with the enemy and those deceived by the enemy are working among the people, and they call the right wrong and the wrong right. He said: Right-seeking people are subjected to severe internal and external attacks at various levels, including the media and virtual space, but there is no doubt that the Almighty Allah is aware of all intentions and actions and witnesses the actions of all people and knows who is doing the right thing.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Hojjatul-Islam wal-Muslimin Seyed Isa Hosseini Mazari described the months of Rajab, Shaban and Ramadan as very great and great and said: These three months are among the months that create this opportunity for us to build ourselves and have the features and characteristics of a complete and prominent Muslim.
The importance of creating individual and collective piety
He listed the creation of individual piety and collective piety as two important tasks for institutionalizing the characteristics of godliness in human existence and said: Creating individual piety means that we build our person and institutionalize the subject of piety in our existence. 
Hosseini Mazari stated that the main focus of the famous is to perform the divine duties and added: If we do the divine duties and avoid the vices, we will become a pious person that this piety will give us insight and the discerning elements can easily act in crisis situations. distinguish right from wrong in the condition of sedition.
Man's duty does not end with the acquisition of individual piety
Emphasizing the necessity of creating collective piety, the head of the Tabian Center said: "No one should say that I am a pious person who does my duties and avoids vices and has nothing to do with society." Man's duty is not finished with individual piety. No one can say that collective piety has nothing to do with me! no! If we are going to be an outstanding Muslim, we should work to build the community as much as we work to build ourselves.
The way to create collective piety
He believed that the way to create collective piety is the action of pious and pious people to establish the duty of enjoining good and forbidding evil in the society and said: When there are sinful elements in our environment, that environment slowly becomes polluted and poisoned, and the family and It takes our children and finally our own skirts, and such conditions for the realization of individual piety also disappear. Therefore, if we are interested in staying healthy at least ourselves, we should work towards making the society healthy.
Our thinking should be cosmopolitan
Hosseini Mazari emphasized the necessity of a cosmopolitan outlook and expressed: We must strive for the health of the community, from the neighborhood to the street to the region, district, province, country, the Muslim Ummah and the whole world, and our thinking should be a cosmopolitan thought, not a concern and Let our concern be limited to our family, neighbors, tribe, province and country.
Israel is a clear example of a great denier
In continuation of the above article, he added: Now the Palestinian Muslims are under danger and threat from Israel, we must feel responsible and be sensitive in the matter of fighting against the Zionist regime as a clear example of a great denier. 
The verses and stories of the Quran are for all times
Hosseini Mazari then pointed out: Although the verses of the Qur'an have a special revelation and tell certain stories in their own time, its points and principles will be valid in all times until the Day of Judgment.
There are three types of people in our era
He stated that there are three types of people in our time, and said: There are some people who do good and those who do not. Some people are caught up in bad deeds and some other people do not only command the good and forbid the bad, but they say to those who command the good and forbid the bad that the bad things of the society have nothing to do with you.
If we do not enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, we will be punished
The head of the Tebyan Center pointed out: In the current situation, we and you as cultural and religious elements who seek to build ourselves, if we do not seek to build a community and enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, we will definitely be punished by Allah, and if we remain silent, we will be caught in divine punishment.
The world is involved in sedition and Afghanistan is involved in the most severe seditions
Especially in the current situation, when sedition has truly engulfed the world and Afghanistan is also involved in the most severe seditions, let us fulfill our duties in the field of enjoining good and forbidding evil.
The enemies of Afghanistan have made the truth false and the false true since the past
Hosseini Mazari stated: Afghanistan's enemies are trying hard to make the truth false and the false false. They put the beautiful clothes of the truth on the false body and cover the false and ugly clothes on the right body. They want to confuse the thoughts and minds of the Afghan society, which, of course, have caused severe anxiety during the past years.

America and the West have created many problems in the past 20 years
He added: Americans and Westerners, especially in the last 20 years, due to their presence and dominance over Afghanistan, have done serious work in terms of the right to show falsehood and the falsehood of showing right and created many problems at the level of the country and the people. Its evil effects still remain and not only remain, but continue at various levels.

Rightists in Afghanistan are under the most severe attacks
Hosseini Mazari pointed out that currently various elements both those dependent on the enemy and those deceived by the enemy are working among the people and make the truth false and the false false, he said: Right-seeking people and those who are on the path of truth.
Right is victorious and wrong is destroyed
He added: "But there is no doubt that the Almighty God is aware of all intentions and actions and witnesses the actions of all humans and humanity, and knows who does right and who does wrong, and right is definitely victorious and wrong is destroyed."
One should not be shortchanged in the matter of right-seeking and enlightenment
The head of the Tabian center stressed that in the matter of moving towards the truth, removing the false face and exposing the enemy, under no circumstances should we be shortchanged, and said: We should not have any fear. Those who work in the direction of enjoining good and forbidding evil are supported by God Almighty and will definitely be supported.
A false face is like foam on water
He added: Even those who are false, even if they appear in the society with a beautiful face, are like the foam on the water that gives rise and disappears after a while, the false face is also such a face and will disappear soon.
The enemy wants to create bigger seditions in Afghanistan
Hosseini Mazari, referring to the heavy duties of cultural and media elements in the matter of enlightenment, said: the enemies are trying hard to work on the thoughts of our people. At the same time as the fall of the Republic, the Westerners took hundreds of thousands of active and educated workers and technicians out of Afghanistan, and they certainly will not leave them idle and have put them to work. and to dominate the virtual space and create bigger seditions than the current situation.
Afghanistan is exposed to foreign conspiracies, especially western ones
The head of Tebyan Center added: Our country is exposed to foreign invasion and the invasion of conspiracies from the East and the West, especially the Westerners who have inflicted heavy blows on us in the last 20 years, and in the last three years, they have made strange attacks on Afghanistan in various ways. 
People who care about religion and country should be more integrated
He emphasized: However, citizens who care about religion, people, and country should work more coherently and defend their religious interests, people's interests, and their country's authority so that we can enjoy a prosperous and free Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is moving towards authority and honor
Hosseini Mazari, pointing out that the country is moving towards authority and dignity, said: "At the moment, an independent government is dominant in Afghanistan, and in terms of foreign policy, we have recently witnessed how beautiful it is in terms of international interaction, and the words of this power are easy to understand and it does not accept that power and speaks its own words and has its own conditions, which if the world accepts its conditions.
The conditions of the country are good
The head of the Tebyan Center said: "The conditions of our country are very good, and in fact, I personally have a very proud and interesting feeling that I am living in this country, and I am also happy with this trend that currently exists in Afghanistan at the governance level."
The government's foreign policy can be supported
He considered the foreign policy of the current government to be encouraged and supported and added: The foreign policy of the Islamic Emirate in interaction with world powers, in opposition to arrogance and the Zionist regime, and in support of Gaza is a very valuable point.
The policy of confrontation with Israel is based on the orders of Allah and the innocent
In the end, Hosseini Mazari said: The policy of confronting the Zionist regime is an issue that is both the center of explanation and the government that believes in this policy, and it is also based on the orders of the Almighty God and the infallible imams, peace be upon them.
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