Publish dateSaturday 24 February 2024 - 15:39
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Hezbollah: Israel is disappointed in achieving its goal of destroying the Palestinian resistance
The faction loyal to the resistance in the Lebanese Parliament pointed out that after 5 months, the Zionists are still struggling to achieve an image of victory, saying that Israel is disappointed in achieving its goal of destroying the Palestinian resistance.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The faction loyal to the resistance in the Lebanese parliament issued a statement about the developments related to the war with the Zionist enemy in the southern front of Lebanon and Gaza, and announced that after 5 months of the Gaza war, the Zionist regime continues to achieve a small image of victory that will divert attention from thier failure.

In the continuation of this statement, it is stated: While the Zionist aggressors are trying to infiltrate the Gaza Strip, they are caught in the ambushes of the resistance fighters and without being able to control an area, they are forced to retreat and reduce the number of their forces in order to avoid more casualties.

The Hezbollah faction emphasized: On the other hand, the occupying enemy commits the most horrific crimes against Palestinian civilians and their facilities and homes and prevents them from receiving aid and medicine. The situation has reached the point of famine in Gaza, especially Rafah, which is now a refuge for more than one million and four hundred Palestinians.

According to this statement, in the midst of these terrible scenes, we see a shameful position by the Westerners, who claim to support human rights, but continue to support the aggressors alongside the United States. On the other hand, there is a complicit and negligent position on the part of the Arab countries towards the crimes of the occupiers against the Palestinian people, and some of them are waiting to somehow remove the burden of the Palestinian issue from their shoulders and move towards normalization with the Zionist enemy and the occupation of this regime. Recognize the land and sanctuaries of Palestine.

The faction loyal to the resistance in the Lebanese Parliament emphasized: In this situation, if it were not for the Arabness and Islamic authenticity of the countries and forces of the axis of resistance in the region, history for future generations would record the isolation of the noble people of Gaza by the monster of Zionism. without any Arab or Muslim making a move to support them.

This faction further pointed to the support of the nations of the world for the defenseless people of Palestine and emphasized that demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian nation continue periodically in different countries of the world. In Lebanon, our resilient and steadfast people fulfill their responsibility in supporting the people of Gaza and protecting the interests of the country and exerting pressure on the Zionist enemy to force this regime to stop the brutal aggression and the genocidal crime it is committing against the people of Gaza, women and children. 

The American government is directly responsible for the crimes of the Zionists
In the continuation of this statement, it is emphasized: The American government is fully responsible for the continuation of the Zionist aggression in committing the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people and besieging them, starving this nation and destroying all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip. The complete and final cessation of aggression against Gaza and the complete lifting of the blockade of Gaza and the withdrawal of all occupying forces from Gaza is the only natural way to exchange prisoners and detainees and preserve and establish the right of the Palestinian people to resume their lives and rebuild the ruins.
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