Publish dateMonday 26 February 2024 - 11:33
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Stanekzai: The study rate in Afghanistan is very low!
The political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said at the unveiling ceremony of the books printed in 1402 that the progress and development of the country depends on reading, but the amount of reading in Afghanistan is very low compared to other countries.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)-Kabul: He stated: "In Afghanistan, people read very little compared to other countries. Maybe some people believe that there were many problems here, there was a war, the economy was weak and people are looking for bread and don't have time to study, but these problems exist in other countries as well. 
According to Mr. Stankzai, now security is ensured in the country and there are no Al-Tawaifi monarchs, and young people should study under the shadow of the Islamic system, because without studying, success cannot be achieved.
This official of the Islamic Emirate considered the role of the youth in the development and progress of the country to be important and added that the youth should be self-sufficient through study and research.
Mr. Stankzai stated: "If young people get interested in reading and books, God willing, the society will get rid of problems very soon. We Afghans have no equal on the battlefield, God willing. We have a lot of progress; No one else has this honor. We try to tell the world that with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, there is peace and security in Afghanistan. 
The political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also said that currently many books are imported from other countries and that scientific and research institutions and the country's authors should try to write books themselves and make them available to the youth.
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