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Hamas: Netanyahu destroys all efforts to reach an agreement
Taher al-Nunu, the media consultant of the head of the political bureau of Hamas, pointed out that a permanent ceasefire and the end of any presence of the occupying forces in the Gaza Strip are the main keys to the success of any negotiation for the exchange of prisoners and a ceasefire in Gaza, and said: Netanyahu all efforts to reach an agreement destroys
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): While the numerous negotiations regarding the exchange of prisoners and a ceasefire in Gaza have not yet reached a tangible result, Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas's political bureau, Tahir al-Nunu, media officer, announced: Netanyahu's primary goal The continuation of the war in the Gaza Strip is to achieve personal and electoral interests and to protect oneself.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Al-Nunu said: Netanyahu destroys all the efforts of the Qatari and Egyptian mediators to make progress in the negotiations. The main keys to the negotiations are: a permanent ceasefire, an end to any presence of the occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, the full entry of all the needs of the Palestinian people into the Gaza Strip, and the reconstruction of this area and the lifting of its blockade.

He emphasized: Netanyahu rejects these basic keys for the success of negotiations and the recognition of the rights of the Palestinian nation. In the meantime, the American government fully supports the crimes of the occupying regime and provides political cover and weapons for this regime to massacre the Palestinians and continue to punish them collectively.

This Hamas official said about what was agreed upon in the second Paris meeting: We do not have any official information about what happened in this meeting. What Netanyahu presented is a document that generally says no to all Palestinian demands and ignores all human and political rights of the Palestinian nation.

Haniyeh's media advisor stated: There is constant communication and coordination between the resistance groups, and the future of Gaza in the day after the war is part of the will and decision of the Palestinians themselves.

He said about the recent visit of a high-ranking delegation from Hamas headed by Ismail Haniyeh to Cairo that this delegation discussed in Egypt the efforts made to stop the aggression and the ways to increase aid and assistance, especially to the northern Gaza region.

Recently, the American website Axios reported that the American, Qatari and Egyptian sides presented a new and more detailed framework for the exchange of prisoners to Israeli negotiators during a key meeting in Paris on Friday.

According to this report, this new agreement framework is based on the fact that Hamas will release about 40 Zionist prisoners in Gaza in exchange for a 6-week ceasefire and the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist regime.

Sources related to the Palestinian resistance stated in this context: the occupying regime prevented the final agreement and since the Zionist regime does not accept a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and the complete withdrawal of its forces from this region, the road to reaching an agreement was very long and sat The one held recently in Paris witnessed insufficient changes in the position of the Israeli side. Hamas believes that the occupiers are trying to buy time and their goal is not to reach a final agreement.

On the other hand, "Mohammed Nazal", one of the senior leaders of Hamas, announced in an interview with Al Jazeera that the importance of the battle we are doing with political negotiations is not less than the battle in the field. Our goal is to realize the interests of the Palestinian people in these negotiations, and currently our priority is to stop the enemy's aggression against Gaza and provide assistance to our people, especially in the north of this region.

This Hamas leader emphasized that the Zionist enemy has presented a temporary ceasefire plan for the exchange of prisoners and wants to resume its aggression against the Gaza Strip after that and complete these aggressions with an attack on Rafah.
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