Publish dateTuesday 27 February 2024 - 13:50
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400 Palestinians to be swapped for 40 Israeli captives
Qatar's Al Jazeera network reported on Tuesday morning that the Zionist regime has agreed to release 400 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 40 Israeli captives held by Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Al-Jazeera cited sources familiar with the ongoing negotiation on the Gaza ceasefire in Doha that the names of people with high convictions were also seen among those whom Israel agreed to release.
These sources added that the release of these 400 people languishing in Israeli jails will be done in exchange for 40 Israeli women and elderly captives.
Qatar hosted a new round of talks on the ceasefire in Gaza on Monday, which was held with the presence of representatives of the Zionist regime and Hamas as well as mediators from Qatar, Egypt and the United States.
The outcome of the talks has not been made public but Al-Arabiya network said the goal of these negotiations were for a Gaza truce and release of prisoners.
Israeli media have also predicted that the list of the names of Israeli captives and the identity of the Palestinian prisoners will be released, as well as the conditions of the ceasefire.
Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden expressed hope that a ceasefire will be established in the Gaza Strip by Monday next week.
According to the French news agency, Biden was responding to the journalists' question about when the ceasefire will be established in Gaza.
Earlier, the White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also confirmed that negotiators are close to reaching a ceasefire deal that will hopefully established by next Monday./IRNA News
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