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Afghanistan has the ability to use the capacities of Chabahar Free Zone/ Chabahar becomes the main route of economic affairs
Cultural, political and economic activists, on the sidelines of the start of the executive operations of the "Fakher Tower" project with the investment of an Afghan company in the Chabahar Free Zone, in a conversation with the Ava reporter, emphasized that Afghanistan can use the capacities in the Chabahar Free Zone of Iran for the prosperity of Afghanistan's economy. Make the most of it. They also stated that Afghan investors themselves can use the capacity of this region for investment.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)  - Mashhad: Seyed Wahidullah Habibi; In a conversation with AVA reporter, the deputy of the Center for Cultural and Social Activities, Tebyan, pointed out that Afghanistan is not connected to the sea and said: Considering that Afghanistan does not have a road to the seas around it, for the prosperity of the country's economy, it must develop its transportation infrastructure. In this direction, it can use the capacities of neighboring countries to boost its imports and exports.
He said: "One of the very good options of Chabahar port in the Islamic Republic of Iran is that Afghanistan can make maximum use of the capacities of this region for the prosperity of Afghanistan's economy. Afghan investors themselves can also use the capacities of this region for investment. ; In this regard, we witnessed the investment of luxurious residential, commercial and recreational complexes by Afghan investors.
The deputy of Tebyan Center added: Considering the establishment of stability and security in Afghanistan, in order to strengthen and continue it, the country's economic infrastructure should be restored and prosper as soon as possible.
Hafizullah Soltani, head of Setargan Mohajer Khorasan Company, said in a conversation with Ava reporter: The economic team of our company conducted studies on the Azad Zone, this zone is the best economic anchor for the people of Afghanistan.
He said: The main goal for investment is that Chabahar Free Zone is the main economic route for Afghanistan and Iran.
Stating that we are together in the economic path and goal of Afghanistan and Iran, the head of Stargan Mohajer Khorasan Company said: Afghans are a very good capacity and efforts should be made to make positive use of them.
He stated that if we look geographically, we will realize that the managers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have a special view on Chabahar Free Zone, and he emphasized: We believe that the great economic project is the beginning of the basic projects of Afghanistan and Iran.
Another economic activist, Gumshadzehi, in a conversation with Ava reporter, said: Chabahar port has a lot of potential for investment, and what we had heard about it, now we have seen with our own eyes what great opportunities there are in this port for the development of economic relations and investment. There is.
He added: This port has a lot of unloading and loading capacity in various business fields, and Iran and Afghanistan can have bilateral cooperation in this field.
This economic activist said: The two nations of Iran and Afghanistan can communicate with each other in the field of trade development.
Ali Gargij, one of the elders of Iran's Sistan Baluchistan province, said in a conversation with Ava: Afghanistan and Iran can have a very strong and good relationship in the field of trade and investment in Chabahar port.
He clarified: Utilizing the capacity of Chabahar port with the aim of developing exports and facilitating trade in this important port is on the agenda of Afghanistan and Iran, and we must use its facilities for the benefit of both countries and the nation.
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