Publish dateWednesday 28 February 2024 - 10:53
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Decrease in the number of births in Japan for the eighth consecutive year
The number of births in Japan has reached its lowest level in 2023, with the number of 758,631 births continuing to decline for the eighth consecutive year.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to the Japan Times, the birth rate in Japan reached its lowest level in 2023 and sounded the alarm for this East Asian country louder than before.
According to statistics, the number of births in 2023 reached 758,631 with a 5.1% decrease compared to the previous year, and the marriage rate decreased by 5.9% to 489,281.
This is the first time in the last 90 years that the marriage rate in Japan falls below 500,000.
Yoshimasa Hayashi, the chief spokesperson of the Japanese government, said in response to this statistic: "The government will take unprecedented measures to deal with this declining rate, including expanding kindergartens and increasing the wages of younger workers and employees."
He emphasized: The reduction in the birth rate is in a critical situation. The next 6 years, or in other words, until 2030, when the number of young people in the society will decrease rapidly, will be our last chance to reverse this cycle.
According to the estimate of the National Institute of Demographic Studies and Social Security of Japan, this country currently has about 125 million people and it is predicted that this figure will reach 87 million people by 2070 with a 30% decrease, so that one out of every 10 people will be 65. It will be a year or more.
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