Publish dateThursday 29 February 2024 - 11:47
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Ukrainian forces retreated from two other areas near the city of Avdiyka
The Ukrainian army has announced that its forces have withdrawn from two other villages near the city of Avdiyka in the east of the country due to a lack of support from Western allies.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Ukrainian army has announced that due to the lack of support from Kiev's western allies, the forces of this country have taken control of two other villages near the city of Avdiyka in eastern Ukraine, which were previously controlled by Russian forces. 
A senior Russian commander said that the country's forces have strengthened new defensive positions west of Avdiyka, which is Moscow's biggest achievement on the battlefield in the past nine months.
A day after Kiev announced it had abandoned the village of Lastuchkina, Ukrainian military spokesman Dmytro Likhoi said troops also withdrew from the small villages of Severn and Stepovo, Reuters reported. Heavy fighting to hold the Severn continued throughout the evening hours and last night.
Likhoi also noted that Ukraine is withdrawing its positions to the eastern front so that the conditions on the battlefield are more suitable for defense.
According to ISNA, the Ministry of Defense of Russia also announced that it has taken Severn under its control after two years and three days since the start of the war with Ukraine.
The ministry also said Russian forces had "taken control of more advantageous lines and positions and targeted Ukrainian forces and equipment near three other settlements."
Meanwhile, this summer, Ukraine's counter-offensive to recapture the occupied territories failed.
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