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The Islamic Emirate should insist on its anti-arrogance positions more than in the past/ the sympathizers of the country should see the realities of Afghanistan and stand by the government
At the same time as the anniversary of the signing of the Doha Agreement, Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities issued a statement pointing out that America's agreement to sign the agreement with the Islamic Emirate was due to necessity and failure in Afghanistan and the efforts of the leaders of this country to make a dough for themselves. Explaining the achievements of the caretaker government, he has written: The authorities should consider the American approach in continuing financial sanctions, flying drones, and supporting and encouraging the Afghan opposition during this period, and insist on their anti-arrogance belief more than in the past. People who care about the country should also put aside their misconceptions about current realities and stand by the government.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities issued an important statement on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Doha Agreement between the Islamic Emirate and the United States, which led to the withdrawal of this country's forses from Afghanistan.
In this statement, this cultural and social center has explained the motivation and main reasons of America refusing to sign the agreement with the Islamic Emirate and rejected the claim of some opponents of the government who consider the conclusion of the agreement between the Islamic Emirate and the United States to be an indication of the Americanism of the current government of Afghanistan. 
The Tebyan Center also pointed out the achievements of the Islamic Emirate government in the past three years in various fields of domestic policy, foreign policy, economy, security and the implementation of national and local projects, and at the end gave recommendations to the caretaker government officials and caring personalities and elites.
In the following, you will read the full text of the statement of the Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the conclusion of the Doha Agreement:
In the name of Allah
The peace agreement between the United States and the Islamic Emirate was signed on Saturday, 29th of February 2020 in Doha, Qatar. According to this agreement, America committed to withdraw all military forces, allies and coalition partners, including all civilian and non-diplomatic employees, private security contractors, trainers, consultants and support service personnel from Afghanistan within 14 months.
This agreement was signed by Zalmi Khalilzad, the country's former envoy for peace in Afghanistan, and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the former deputy of the political office of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar, during the presidency of Donald Trump.
The fact is that America accepted the defeat after 20 years of resistance of the Afghans and was forced to sign an agreement with the Islamic Emirate to get out of the country. One of the main factors behind the conclusion of the Doha Agreement was America's weakness in war management and the decline of this country's international authority as a result of the struggle of the Afghans and the prediction of the failure of this superpower by the American elites and operatives.
Therefore, America tried to preemptively and make a dough for itself. But before this memorandum was realized, the Mujahideen Afghanistan achieved success and prepared the ground for the fall and collapse of the American Republic and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate.
Of course, the Americans tried hard to start secret negotiations with the Islamic Emirate to be present in Afghanistan again, but the clear message of the caretaker government officials to the United States was to end the occupation. It should be noted that although America left Afghanistan leaving behind irreparable losses for the people and even closed its embassy, it is far from the mind that the Americans will give up on Afghanistan and definitely Washington will pursue Afghanistan's issues from a political and security point of view. This issue requires that both the officials and the people and elites of the country come to a more accurate understanding of the conditions of Afghanistan after the end of the US occupation and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate government.
Before discussing the components of the change in the situation in Afghanistan after the establishment of the Islamic Emirate government, we must remind that although the opponents see the Doha Agreement as a sign of the Islamic Emirate's Americanism and the handover of the government to them by the United States, on the one hand, who who does not know that the corrupt republican government fell before taking over the implementation of the clauses of the agreement, and on the other hand, not only is there no sign of the emirate being American for nearly three years, but the approach we have witnessed so far is a particularly anti-arrogant approach. It has been in the field of confronting Israel's atrocities as well as officially supporting the oppressed people of Gaza.
In addition, the repeated admissions of various officials of the American government and Congress regarding the disgraceful failure in Afghanistan are other reasons that indicate that the United States was forced to leave our country after two decades of war. It should not be overlooked that America tries to diminish the image of anti-arrogance resistance by attaching the stigma of being American to it, even if it is 100% harmful to this country. Therefore, considering the Islamic Emirate to be American is actually playing on American soil.
Anyway, now that nearly three years have passed since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate's rule, many successes have been achieved by the people and the country of Afghanistan.
The field of domestic politics:
After the establishment of the Islamic Emirate government in the arena, Not only violence and war have ended in the interior of the country, but for the first time in more than forty years, the territory of Afghanistan is governed by an independent, powerful and responsible government. Also, the islands of power and non-accountability that were formed during the past few decades, especially in the past two decades, with the strategic support of the West in order to create crises in various parts of the country, have completely disappeared today. The success of the government in eliminating the factors of differences and divisions and political conflicts has been achieved through the announcement of a general amnesty and the creation of a commission to invite Afghan personalities and the return of a large number of politicians.
Foreign policy field:
Developing dignified diplomatic relations with different countries of the world based on mutual respect, undertaking extensive economic exchanges, establishing cultural relations especially with neighbors, official visits of government officials to different countries and numerous visits of heads of countries and international institutions to Afghanistan, clearly and authoritatively declaring positions Afghanistan in the international arena and its official presence after Iran and Syria as the third country defending Palestinian rights against the Zionist regime is one of the country's achievements in the field of foreign policy.
Implementation of large national projects and various small and medium projects in line with the progress of Afghanistan:
Despite billions of dollars pouring into the government of the republic over two decades, due to widespread financial and administrative corruption, there was no significant development in the field of construction and infrastructure in Afghanistan, and instead of progress, the country's agriculture and livestock system went backwards, But with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, due to the absence of financial corruption and the disappearance of thieves and robbers, and the presence of the will to serve the country and people, we have witnessed the initiation and completion of various large national projects, like: Qoshtape Canal, Herat-Khaf line, 10 megawatt Kabul solar power project, Kabul-Herat highway reconstruction, Salang tunnel reconstruction, Kabul-Nangarhar highway repair and restoration, and dozens of other important infrastructural projects are among the important and influential projects in During the this period, Islamic Emirate has implemented them in less than three years, or at least the work on them is going on intensively.
In addition, by concluding numerous agreements, especially with neighboring countries such as China and Iran, the Islamic Emirate has succeeded in extracting and exploiting the natural resources of Afghanistan, and this promises the flow of capital from domestic and foreign investors to the country. Also, at the provincial level, we see the completion and commissioning of all kinds of local projects, including the construction of health centers and schools, the construction of water dams, and all kinds of small and medium projects. Setting up several exhibitions of products produced by women in different provinces is another important point in this field.
Creating a unified Islamic narrative in Afghanistan:
As we all know, during the republican era, there was a massive effort to corrupt the society, and this was a project that was carried out by arrogance and with the complicity of corrupt and traitorous government officials at various levels. Although promoting and deepening the base and roots of corruption; Whether moral, administrative, financial, it was widely and comprehensively on the agenda of the westerners and the agents, but the moral corruption had become so complicated that all over the streets, media including televisions and radio stations, public and private centers and schools and ... were drowned in corruption, but with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate and the firm will of all government officials to eliminate the roots and manifestations of moral corruption in the society, all traces of corruption have disappeared from the streets, media and centers.
Improving the economic situation:
Contrary to the predictions and analyzes that suggested the collapse of Afghanistan's economy after the withdrawal of the United States, but after the rule of the Islamic Emirate, the country's economy was completely restored and the value of the Afghan currency against foreign currencies was not only maintained but also improved. The basic goods of people's lives did not suffer inflation. The employment situation also grew in some fields, especially through the implementation of large national, medium and small local projects in different provinces.
Unprecedented improvement of the security situation:
As the security officials of the Islamic Emirate government have shown, the country's security is the main red line for them. At the field level, the launching of military attacks by the forces of the Islamic Emirate in different parts of the country against terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda shows that the current government of Afghanistan has a strong will to eliminate terrorism and terror. Terrorist operations, explosions, and suicides have decreased to a great extent. In addition, security has been provided for different classes of people, especially women in the real sense.
Of course, it should be kept in mind that the achievements of the Islamic Emirate, some of which were mentioned above, have been achieved only in less than three years and while it has not yet been recognized by any country, and Afghanistan is in various sectors, including the blocked of country's assets are under embargo.
Now that we are on the anniversary of the signing of the Doha Agreement, we once again emphasize the necessity and importance of knowing the enemy and we ask the people and the government leaders not to allow America's foot to open again in different fields of Afghanistan.
Officials of the Islamic Emirate should consider the approach of the United States in not complying with many clauses of the agreement, including the continuation of financial sanctions and as well as the support and encouragement of the Afghan opposition that has taken place during these three years, and insist on their anti-arrogance belief more than in the past. In the end, we once again ask all those who care about the country, religion and people to put aside their misconceptions about the realities of Afghanistan and the government of the Islamic Emirate and stand by the government with a hopeful look and enlighten the public opinion. Undoubtedly, the strong and powerful future of the country can be achieved from this path.
Tebyan social cultural activities center
February 29, 2024
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