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Vladimir Putin: The consequences of possible NATO interventions in Ukraine will be very disastrous
In his annual speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned America and the West about any military intervention in the Ukraine war and said that the consequences of their possible interventions would be much more dire.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In his annual speech, the President of Russia said: While the West is discussing strategic stability, it wants to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. There are baseless accusations against Russia that we are planning to put nuclear weapons in space, this is a lie.
He clarified: Allegations of Russian nuclear weapons in space are needed to bring us to the negotiating table for the United States. The West's attempt to drag Russia into an arms race is similar to what happened in the 1980s with the Soviet Union.
The President of Russia accused the West of waging war in Ukraine and the Middle East and added: In order to neutralize NATO threats, Russian military groups in the West of the country must be seriously strengthened. Of course, the West claims that Russia is apparently going to attack Europe, but this claim is absurd and illogical. The West itself is choosing targets to hit Russia.
Putin warned against any Western countries sending troops to Ukraine and said: the consequences of their possible interventions will be much more dire. Then our actions and those of our allies will lead to the destruction of European security, and this will lead to risks for everyone.
He added: "Our armed forces are advancing and we will end any war against Russia." Russian sovereignty is being strengthened in all directions, including military special operations. Of course, efforts were made to weaken Russia from within, but "they" miscalculated.
The President of Russia defended this country's action in attacking Ukraine and stated: We did not start this war in Donbas, but Russia will do everything to end the war and eradicate Nazism. Russia will achieve all the goals of Russian military special operations.
Regarding the role of Russia in the international system, he said: no global security is possible without the presence of a powerful country like Russia. Russophobia has blinded the eyes of America and its allies and they only seek to create danger for all of us.
Putin announced the strengthening of Russia's military forces and added: Russia's nuclear strategic forces are in full readiness and the test of the Russian cruise missile is being completed. Also, the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile known as "Sarmat" has been delivered to the country's armed forces.
According to Isna, he also mentioned Russia's economic progress and said: Many of those who used to dominate the political and economic arena are now collapsing, but Russia is now the first economy in Europe and the fifth in the world. The share of BRICS in the world economy in terms of purchasing power will increase to 36.6% by 2028, while the share of the Group of Seven will decrease to 27.8%.
It should be noted that Russia's relations with the West have been severely strained after this country's military attack on Ukraine.
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