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The announcement of the results of 78 constituencies out of 200 electoral constituencies of the Islamic Council of Iran / participation was 41%
Following the end of the voting process of the twelfth election cycle of the Islamic Council and also the sixth cycle of the Assembly of Leadership Correspondents in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was extended three times until 12:00 on Friday, March 1, the process of counting electoral votes began quickly and the headquarters The Ministry of Interior elections of this country has announced the results of 78 constituencies out of 200 constituencies for 290 parliamentary seats until now (at 11:00 am on Saturday, 12:00 local time). The participation rate in this election is 41%.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: This election was held by voting in 59,000 polling stations across Iran and 1,218 main and sub-constituencies to elect people's representatives in the Islamic Council and the Assembly of Leadership Experts. Out of these 59,000 voting branches, 44,000 branches were fixed and 15,000 mobile branches, 35,000 urban branches and 24,000 rural branches.
According to the announcement of Iran's Status Registration Organization, among the number of eligible voters, in the March 1 election, 61 million 172 thousand 298 Iranian citizens were eligible to vote, of which 30 million 945 thousand 133 were men and women. 30 million and 227 thousand 165 people were voters, of which more than 25 million people, equal to 41%, participated in the elections.
This is despite the fact that some media and currents hostile to the Islamic Republic of Iran did not predict the participation of the people in these elections to be more than 10%, but the large presence of the people of this country at the voting booths, which took place three times until 12:00 The night was extended, it changed the view of all the international media, especially the opposition media.
In total, about 15,000 people were approved to compete in the 12th term of the Islamic Council elections.
The 12th elections of the Islamic Council and the Assembly of Leadership Experts were held electronically in four constituencies of Qom, Rasht and Khammam, Abadan and Malair of Iran. These four areas had 1,700 branches, and five electronic cash registers were considered for each branch and a total of 10,000 electronic cash registers.
In the interviews that Ava's reporter had with Iranian voters yesterday, they declared obedience to the order of the leader of the Islamic Revolution of this country as the most prominent reason for their presence at the polls, and in a way renewed the agreement with Imam Khamenei and They pledged allegiance.
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