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"Shahbaz Sharif" in his first speech after becoming the prime minister:

We will end terrorism and its roots in Pakistan

We will end terrorism and its roots in Pakistan
Shahbaz Sharif, in his first speech as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, while emphasizing on strengthening the country's relations with the world, promised to end terrorism in Pakistan and its roots based on the "National Action Plan".
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - The new Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif said on Sunday after being elected to this post that the new government of Pakistan is working hard and its goal is to become one of the Group of 20 countries by 2030.
The prime minister of Pakistan also promised to attract more investment in the country and said that the wave of economic conditions will provide Pakistan's economic growth.
Shahbaz Sharif also promised to expand the network of export zones known as "one window" in all four states and to work day and night to fulfill all these promises.
In his speech after being appointed as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he considered the harassment of women unacceptable anywhere and noted that during his tenure, equal job opportunities will be provided to women.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan also vowed to end terrorism in the country and its roots, adding that his government is pursuing a "national action plan".
Stating that his government will work on creating a system that will create speedy justice, he said: "Women and children in prison whose sentence is less than 2 years should be released."
Regarding international issues, Shahbaz Sharif announced the strengthening of Pakistan's relations with Iran, Turkey and the member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and condemned the "blind bombing" of the people of Gaza.
The prime minister of Pakistan also announced that he will establish a network of adequate public transportation, modern hospitals and medical centers throughout the country and added: "I want to announce today that all elite and talented students will have the opportunity to study abroad." I give so that they can become the pride of Pakistan all over the world.
Shahbaz also promised that his government will give direct subsidies to farmers and measures to establish solar power plants will be announced soon.
He said: "The seed mafia will disappear and we will import seeds from the best countries in the world and provide them to farmers. The first shipment of these seeds will be free. We will cooperate with all states in the field of agriculture.
Shahbaz Sharif also stated that his government provides specialized training to 500,000 young students and said: These trainings are in the field of using technology and artificial intelligence.
According to Isna, he promised to solve the debt crisis in Pakistan and said: "People are under the burden of skyrocketing gas and electricity costs. Pakistan is facing an alarming debt crisis where even the expenses of the National Assembly were paid by borrowing money. But if we decide to take an immediate action and make fundamental changes and reforms in the system, I have no doubt that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari and others will agree that we can either get rid of a lifetime of debt or we must face our shame.
Shahbaz Sharif also said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz wing and allies will play their role as citizens of Pakistan, Muslims and human beings. He added: "Pakistan had a big challenge and opportunity before it. If we come together and decide to change the destiny of Pakistan, then God willing, we will defeat these challenges and bring Pakistan to its true position.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan also said that his elder brother Nawaz Sharif, unlike his opponents, never thought of harming the country and continued: "They put all the opponents behind bars, did not care about women and children, and used words that cannot be He said loudly.
It should be mentioned that in the national elections in Pakistan two weeks ago, the Nawaz branch of the Muslim League won 73 seats and the People's Party led by Asif Ali Zardari, who allied with this party, won 54 seats.
This is the second time Shahbaz Sharif is elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. After the removal of Imran Khan's government, he was in power as the prime minister of the coalition government.
During the first term of Shahbaz Sharif's prime ministership, his government faced serious challenges including the economic crisis, political unrest caused by the protests of the opposition faction led by Imran Khan.
The inauguration ceremony of the new Prime Minister of Pakistan will be held tomorrow at the Presidential Palace (Ivan Sadr) in Islamabad.
The members of the new cabinet of Pakistan will take oath in the presidential palace after the inauguration of Shahbaz Sharif. It is said that Shahbaz Sharif, in addition to electing new ministers from his party, is also going to introduce some ministers from among his allied parties, including the People's Party, Muttahida Qaumi Movement and Balochistan Awami Party.
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