Publish dateMonday 4 March 2024 - 13:30
Story Code : 286892
Tens of thousands attend anti-Israeli demonstration in Morocco
Tens of thousands of Moroccans have participated in massive rallies in a bid to voice their solidarity with Palestinians and call for putting an end to the genocidal war in Gaza.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)-Monitoring: Media outlets have reported that demonstrators in Casablanca took to the streets late on Sunday to protest against the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.
Following the brutal attack on Gaza on Thursday on al-Rashid Street, 112 civilians were martyred and over 700 others were wounded.
With the Israeli war continuing unabated and amid a rising civilian death in Gaza, resistance movements and groups in the region, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Yemen’s Ansarullah, and Iraq’s fighters launched military operations against US and Israeli interests to exert pressure on the regime to end its genocidal war./IRNA
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