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We must change the derogatory view of immigrants/ The empowerment plan is only for legal citizens
The head of Iran's National Migration Organization emphasized the need to change the contemptuous and threatening view of foreign nationals and immigrants and said: One of the government's plans is to use the investment of foreign nationals in construction and knowledge-based projects, especially in deprived areas.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to the public relations report of the National Organization of Iranian Migration, this organization and the Academic Jihad of this country signed a memorandum of understanding and agreed to train foreign nationals and immigrants in specialized jobs and skills for use in construction contracts. 
Abdullah Mobini stated on Monday, March 14, during the signing ceremony of this memorandum: "Foreigners in our country have always been looked upon with threats and contempt, and this possibility has never arisen.
Stating that more than 80% of immigrants and nationals in Iran are from Afghanistan, Mobini added: Many geographical and cultural factors, especially in the field of language, have caused 70% of Afghan immigrants to choose Iran as their immigration destination.
Stating that Iran has the most cultural, social and religious commonalities with Afghans, he added: Today, it is necessary to make changes in the attitude of the country and see the nationals as an opportunity that needs to be empowered and strengthened.
The head of Iran's National Migration Organization stated that a large part of nationals' migration was due to coercion and arrogant wars, and emphasized: We must change the contemptuous view that some people have towards nationals, and in this regard, the 13th government and the National Migration Organization have made this decision. 
Mobini considered one of the programs to be the use of investment by foreign nationals in construction projects and basic knowledge, especially in deprived areas, which is being implemented with the cooperation of the National Bank.
According to him, our goal is to restore more than 10,000 stagnant small and medium-sized factories to the production cycle with the capital of immigrants and nationals.
He added: In order to provide skilled labor for the revival of factories, the use of national and local labor is through training, which we hope will be done with respect and dignity.
The head of Iran's National Migration Organization emphasized that smugglers benefit the most from the capital of foreign nationals and added: "Unfortunately, there is a very high attack on the government and accusations are being made, including selling accommodation, and we are dealing with all these attacks."
Mobini emphasized: Nationals Empowerment Plan will be done only for legal citizens because for us the presence of illegal citizens is not acceptable in any way and they should return to their country.
According to him, in order to supply the cycle of production, distribution and evaluation, skilled manpower must be provided, and nationals are one of the capacities that can make Iran the source of skilled and specialized manpower in the region.
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