Publish dateTuesday 5 March 2024 - 14:01
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North Korea
The Ministry of Defense of North Korea condemned the annual joint exercise between South Korea and the United States and pledged to take military action against these movements.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Amid tensions between the two Koreas, Pyongyang has threatened military action against the two countries just a day after the forces of South Korea and the United States began their annual large-scale military exercise. 
North Korea has considered the exercise between South Korea and the United States, which is supposed to last for 11 days, to be a plot to attack Pyongyang and has warned that it will take "responsible" military steps in response to this move by the two countries.
This year's exercises in Seoul and Washington are supposed to include 48 field exercises, which is twice as many as last year.
North Korea's Ministry of Defense announced today (Tuesday) in a statement that it "strongly condemns the reckless military exercises of the United States and South Korea, behind which the military threat to an independent country and the attempt to attack this country are hidden."
A spokesman for North Korea's Ministry of Defense stated that the North Korean military "continues to watch out for the adversary's adventurous actions and will take responsible military actions to forcefully control this unstable security atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula."
However, the spokesman of the South Korean Ministry of Defense did not specify what actions they will take against the two countries, but observers say that North Korea will probably conduct missile tests or other steps to strengthen its war power.
Although Pyongyang considers South Korea and the United States to be offensive, Seoul and Washington repeatedly claim that the exercises are defensive in nature.
North Korea has already responded to these drills by launching missiles with different ranges.
South Korea's military headquarters announced last week that this year's military drills with the United States are designed to neutralize North Korea's nuclear threats, and include live-fire, bombing, air strike and missile interception drills.
Experts say that North Korea believes that a larger arsenal of weapons will give the country more leverage in future diplomacy with the United States, and hopes that the international community will recognize the country as a nuclear power in order to be freed from future US-led economic sanctions.
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