Publish dateTuesday 5 March 2024 - 14:05
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US presses Hamas amid Gaza ceasefire talks
The United States is piling up pressure on the Palestinian resistance movement Hams to accept a temporary ceasefire with Israel, in yet another attempt to back the Zionist regime while talks in the Egyptian capital are underway to find ways to hammer out a deal.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: US National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby said on Monday that Washington wants a temporary ceasefire in Gaza "as soon as possible" in order to free Israel captives held in Gaza, without mentioning Israel’s illegal detention and imprisonment of thousands of Palestinians.
Kirby mentioned the proposals put forth by the Israeli regime for a 6-week temporary ceasefire in Gaza, saying the responsibility for accepting it rests with Hamas.
The White House official also stated that the administration of President Joe Biden wants an agreement before the start of the holy month of Ramadan, adding that the new draft of proposals, which the parties are negotiating in Cairo to benefit everyone, including Hamas.
A delegation from the Hamas movement reached Egypt on Sunday as mediators are racing against time to reach an agreement to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and exchange Israeli captives with Palestinians languishing in Israeli jails.
Israel has announced the list of its live prisoners as a precondition for participation in the negotiations.
Israeli media say the parties have agreed on the duration of the ceasefire in Gaza and the release of prisoners, but the most important remaining issues are the withdrawal of Zionist troops from northern Gaza and the return of Palestinian refugees there.
No deal yet
Meanwhile, Egypt's Foreign Minister said in a joint press conference with his Dutch counterpart in Cairo on Monday night that the negotiations have not yet reached the stage of agreement to establish a ceasefire.
Sameh al-Shakri also said that the task of ensuring the arrival of humanitarian aid to Gaza should be entrusted to the United Nations institutions while he was responding to Israeli deadly attacks on people waiting for aid in the besieged territory.
The top Egyptian diplomat warned that the continuation of the current situation in Gaza could lead to the expansion of the scope of the conflict but said Cairo and Qatar are trying for a partial ceasefire that will lead to a complete ceasefire and the release of prisoners./IRNA
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