Publish dateSunday 10 March 2024 - 13:00
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Tens of thousands of families affected by natural disasters are ready to move to their main areas
The Deputy Minister of Migrants and Returnees Affairs, in a meeting with the head of the central zone office of the United Nations Humanitarian Aid Coordinating Office, said that a number of families were displaced due to natural disasters and drought, and tens of thousands of families across the country are currently ready to be transferred to their original locations.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The Press Office of the Ministry of Immigrants and Returnees Affairs of the Islamic Emirate published a newsletter today (Sunday, March 10) and said that Moulvi Abdul Rahman Rashid, Deputy Professional of the Ministry, with Mrs. Gloria Lazik, Head of the Zone Office of the Central Office The United Nations Humanitarian Aid Office in Afghanistan met in his office.

In this meeting, the two sides discussed the issue of transferring the displaced people to their original places.

Moin Masaleh added that a number of families were displaced due to natural disasters and drought, for now the conditions are favorable for them to return to their original places. Thousands of families in Kabul city are willing to volunteer with the cooperation of partner institutions and organizations. returned and the government can implement its development plans.

Mr. Rashid said: Tens of thousands of families are ready to move to their original places throughout the country.

Mrs. Gloria Lazik thanked Moin Kasali in this meeting and added, in understanding with each other, we can transfer the displaced families to their original places and with the cooperation of other cooperating institutions in this field, we can get a permanent solution for them.

It should be mentioned that thousands of families have been displaced from their main areas and live in tents due to wars and numerous natural disasters in recent years.
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