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The fact that ISIS confronts "AVA News Agency" shows its concern about the spread of pure Islamic ideas and values by this news agency
Director General of Foreign Media of Islamic Republic of Iran in his speech in the webinar "Courage of AVA News Agency on the Line of Martyrdom", while congratulating on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the founding of AVA News Agency, served the officials of this news agency, especially Hojat al-Islam Seyed Isa Hosseini Mazari and wishing them success, as well as offering condolences on the occasion of the first anniversary of the terrorist explosion of the Mazar-e-Sharif office, emphasized: "The fact that we see ISIS confronting the AVA news agency and attacking this center four times during this period shows concern of ISIS in spread of Islamic thought and values and pure Islam, which is followed by this news agency, and instead of intellectually confronting this movement, which it cannot afford, it is forced to physically eliminate it.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Ali Reza Shiravi said at the beginning of his speech about the activities of AVA in Iran: During this period, we are witnessing that the AVA news agency has been operating in Iran and perhaps its first office outside of Afghanistan was in Iran. who has been very active in the field of Iran issues and followed the discussion of Iran-Afghanistan relations, especially in the economic field and the benefits that will result from these economic relations for the people of Afghanistan.

He added: In addition, AVA news agency followed the issues related to immigrants, and what I witnessed and sometimes I was referred to myself, was trying to somehow bring the problems related to immigrants to the attention of the authorities. In the immigrant section, AVA has tried to raise issues and problems in a logical format.

On the other hand, according to Mr. Shiravi, we are on the anniversary of the bloody ISIS attack against the Tebyan center and AVA news agency in Mazar-e-Sharif: if I remember, this attack last year and was the fourth attack on a large scale against AVA news agency and its reporters. 

He stated that everyone knows Daesh as a terrorist group that opposes ideology and thought, which is both armed with military tools and has advanced devices and technologies in the field of media and soft war, and stated: "We see Daesh In fact, it confronts the AVA news agency and attacks this center four times during this period, it shows the concern of Daesh about the spread of Islamic thought and values and pure Islam, which is followed by this news agency.

According to the director general of the foreign media of the Islamic Republic of Iran, perhaps one of the most important goals of ISIS in attacking the Tabian center or the AVA news agency is to be able to turn young people who passionately follow the original Islamic thinking and divine and human values, in a way take them out and discourage them from continuing the path, so despite these brutal attacks, we see that young people interested in this noble line are still working, following those values and have no fear of these threats.

He wished success to all the members and officials of AVA News Agency and the fans of this news agency, as well as to the people of Afghanistan, especially in the new year, and said that he hopes to witness the peace and tranquility, stability and economic prosperity of Afghanistan in the new year and that the people will see a better situation. 

Mr. Shiravi said about the program of this General Directorate in Afghanistan: "In the Ministry of Islamic Culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we are trying to follow our media relations with Afghanistan. About two months ago, a delegation of Iranian journalists and media managers went to Afghanistan and Kabul and the definitions they had for us, it was really a matter of gratitude that the people of Afghanistan believe in Islam and their country despite all the hardships they are enduring and they did not hesitate to face the extravagance of America and Western countries.

Meanwhile, AVA news agency, besides being the first private news agency of the country, is also the first international news agency of Afghanistan and besides having news contacts in some countries, it has three active representative offices in the cities of Tehran, Mashhad and Qom of the Islamic Republic.
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